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Increase Sales & Boost Value-Added Flavor Quickly In Key Perimeter Profit Centers With New Stocked Dollop Program

The New Stocked Dollop Program easily allows retailers to add on-trend craveable flavors to their prepared meals and fresh-cut vegetables, upscaling important store perimeter profit centers.

Recent store brand strategies involve upscaling perimeter items with unique flavors. From prepared meals, to produce and deli departments, retailers are pushing growth by making the shopping experience easy, quick, and flavorful.  The Butterball® Farms Stocked Dollop Program is a new tool to grow sales in these important perimeter profit centers as well as their fresh meat and seafood departments.

The new program gives retailers a collection of Butterball Farms most popular flavored butter dollops for shipment within a week of their order. The collection saves retailers time and labor while cutting product innovation timelines dramatically. The dollops can be frozen until needed then placed within prepared meals or packaged, pre-cut produce or added to meal kits or meal deals in the deli department. When customers heat the foods at home, the dollops melt perfectly to impart the intended and elevated flavor, saving time for the customer.  

Butterball Farms Flavored Dollops on a Wooden Serving Board
The new program offers Garlic Herb, Pesto Basil and Lemon Herb Dollops shipped to you within ten days of ordering.

“Category managers have a new tool to maintain growth in their important profit centers by upscaling their store brand flavors,” says Bonnie Beard, Butterball Farms’ Director of Marketing. “We are offering a collection of our most popular flavored butter dollops for shipping to retailers within ten days of their order. It enables fresh and prepared meals category managers to quickly offer new, trending flavors. We are confident that this collection will grow as more and more retailers discover the value of our quick, upscale solution.”

Quick trip visits are up in key perimeter departments, where flavored dollops add value.

According to Circana, shopper behaviors have turned toward heat and eat meal solutions, now accounting for 20% of all supermarket sales. Many consumers are going directly to the perimeter in quick trips to pick up a heat and eat solution, spending less than $20 but visiting the store more frequently. These types of shoppers are looking for convenience, the relevance of the products for quick and easy meals and the experience of elevated flavors the dollops provide.

Butterball Farms pioneered dollop technology that combines herb, citrus, or savory flavors in premium butter dollops. For over 60 years, some of America’s top supermarket retailers currently rely on Butterball Farms flavored dollops to upscale their prepared meals, packaged vegetables, meat, poultry, seafood, or deli items. Others use the flavored dollops at their fresh counters and sell them to upsell their meats, poultry, or seafood separately to upscale their offering. Another option is to sell the dollops in the dairy case with a store brand label.

The Stocked Dollop Program’s Flavor Collection includes Garlic Herb Butter Dollops (+3%* on restaurant menus in the past year), Lemon Herb Butte Dollops (+14%* on restaurant menus in the past year) and Pesto Basil Butter Dollops (+1%* in the past year).

“Customers know and love these flavors because they are comforting and familiar,” says Beard. “Now retailers can leverage that memorable love of the upscale flavor for their own benefit inside their store perimeter.”

Some retailers use flavored dollops as an upsell item at their fresh meat, poultry, and seafood counter or sold separately in clamshells with brand store label.

“We hope to grow our collection of stocked dollop flavors as demand grows,” Beard explains. “We will continue to offer a broader collection of custom flavors with a slightly longer lead time. Our core strength is in working with retailers to craft a custom dollop flavor that they can call their own. That is certainly available at any time, just contact us.”

If you would like a free sample of Butterball Farms Stocked Flavored Dollops, click here to fill out a form. Curious what other off-the-shelf favors Butterball Farms has to offer? Visit their website at ButterballFarms.com. If you would like to craft your own custom flavor combination with Butterball Farms’ R&D Team, contact us today to learn more.

*Datassential, January 2024