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Butter Flavors and Formats for Food Manufacturers

As a food manufacturer or processor, you want to provide your customers with butter flavors that stand out and meet the latest trends. Butterball Farms offers a variety of flavored butters in a variety of formats, such as dollops, medallions, and bars, that will be sure to tackle flavors for every palate. 

Butterball® Farms aims to provide you with the butter you need while helping to streamline your processes so you can save money on labor without sacrificing flavor or quality. Plus, our expert team can design the perfect butter flavor, format, and packaging for all your manufacturing needs.

Our Most Popular Butter Flavors

After having been in the business for over 60 years, we know butter! Some of our most popular butter flavors include the craveworthy garlic herb, loved for its versatility and robust aromatic properties, and lemon herb, which pairs exceptionally well with a variety of meats, vegetables, pasta, seafood, and bread.  

Butterball Farms also offers endless possibilities for butter flavors. They might have a touch of honey or sweetness derived from fruits or brown sugar or include savory compounds such as blue cheese, bacon, or yummy pesto basil. You’ll definitely want to add some of these crowd favorites to your flavor list!

Create Your Own Butter Flavors

Creating your own custom butter flavor has never been easier with Butterball Farms! Start by reaching out to us and letting us know what you’re thinking for your custom butter flavors or tell us your needs and we can help with ideation. Once our team receives your request, our dedicated Research & Development team will work with you to create a formula that sets your brand apart. From flavor to packaging, everything is endlessly customizable. We can create the right solution that meets your manufacturing needs and helps you streamline your processes.

The Benefits of Offering Unique Butter Flavors

Butter takes the flavors of your dish and brings them front and center. When you have a complicated dish that doesn’t absorb the complementary herbs or spices, using butter flavors can tackle that job and enhance the whole dish. 

Unique flavors, developed palates, and more choices mean customers are seeking out exciting new flavor combinations. Consumers are becoming more food aware and are seeking unique flavors they can’t get anywhere else. By adding custom butter flavors to your fresh or frozen products, you’re giving your customers exactly what they are seeking turning customers into repeat, loyal customers.

With unique butter flavors, you can pair butter with the right food for added flavor, which enhances the customer experience. And with our pre-portioned options, it’s easy for manufacturers to add our products to their processes with minimal disruption.

Why Choose Butterball Farms?

Butterball Farms has a long history of working with food manufacturers, and we’ve dialed in the process to meet every order with satisfaction. Our dedicated research and development team will work to create the exact flavor profile you are searching for in the format and packaging that you need so that it fits within your manufacturing processes. Our team loves to partner with our food manufacturer customers, going above and beyond and offering advice from decades of industry experience.

The size of our facility means we have the space and resources to meet any size order, and our BRC-AA rating shows our dedication to providing quality products so you can trust that your brand is in good hands. We can even make recommendations that will help complement your most popular dishes so you can better serve your customers. We strive to be the company that you want to work with for all of your butter flavors and sauce needs!

Who We Serve

Butterball Farms serves the manufacturing industry so that you can supply your customers with everything they need. Streamline your processes so you have time to launch the new product you’ve been planning or scale up the production of your bestsellers. Butterball Farms is dedicated to working with premium ingredients to provide manufacturers and food processors with quality products. Whether you need bulk options such as totes or drums, or you need pre-portioned, wrapped options or customized flavors, we’ve got you covered! 

Order Your Custom Butter

Ready to start ideating on your next flavor, or need help scaling up your production? Contact us for flavored butter today.