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Top Ten Compound Butters for Fish

Your fish or seafood dish deserves to be the star of the show, and using a compound butter for fish can help create a memorable flavor profile that puts them front and center. Chefs often reach for butter and herbs to bring out the flavor of fish and seafood, but with a compound butter for fish, you don’t have to reach twice — everything is ready for you in one step.

Created specifically to enhance and complement the flavor of fish, compound butter takes traditional butter and combines it with herbs, spices, or other ingredients to create a sweet or savory flavored butter. This can save you time and money as the prep is already done — you just need to add it to your dish. We offer compound butter for fish in a variety of sizes, from pre-portioned to bulk options to meet your every need.

As fish and seafood dishes continue to gain popularity, you may find that you’re adding more to your product offerings to increase sales. With that in mind, let’s take a look at the top ten options for compound butter for fish that will be sure to take your dish from good to craveworthy!


Our Favorite Compound Butter for Fish

1. Lemon Herb Butter

Lemon herb butter is always a crowd favorite, bringing brightness and zest to your dish with the tartness of lemon and the sweetness of herbs and butter. A perfect compound butter for fish, lemon herb butter pairs well with nearly any seared or grilled fish, and it’s also great for shrimp. Save prep time, space, and resources by purchasing lemon herb as a compound butter.  Order this compound butter today with our Stocked Dollop Program!

2. Garlic Cilantro Lime Butter

When looking for a way to brighten up a white fish like Halibut, garlic cilantro lime is an exceptional butter for fish. You can also use this option with seafood, whether you’re looking to brighten up a crab or add some zest to shrimp. This flavor combination will create a craveable taste that will have guests clamoring for more! 

3. Dijon Mustard and Tarragon Butter

Perhaps one of the most unique compound butters for fish, you can’t go wrong with Dijon mustard and tarragon butter. This option works well for tilapia, with the tarragon adding sweetness and the Dijon mustard finishing it with a zip. Pair this with a white wine and you’ve got a meal to remember!

4. Orange and Fennel Butter

Orange and fennel butter complements mild-flavored cod exceptionally well. With the nuttiness of fennel and the brightness of citrus through the orange, guests can expect an exciting flavor profile on a popular fish that will melt in their mouth. 

6. Horseradish and Chive Butter

Make it spicy! If you’re looking for a compound butter for salmon, look no further! The horseradish and chive compound butter will add some bite, making your guests excited with this unique flavor combination. Horseradish and chive butter is a great complement to salmon. Add a glass of chardonnay, and you will have a beautiful, craveworthy seafood dish thanks to our compound butter.

7. Miso Butter

Mahi mahi, seabass, or even tilapia can benefit from a delicious Miso butter spread, giving it an elevated, fine-dining flavor profile and Asian-inspired flair. Because miso has such a strong and unique flavor profile, you won’t need to add much else to create an award-winning dish. Order this compound butter for fish from Butterball® Farms!

8. Garlic Herb Butter

Ahh, the classic garlic herb compound butter for fish will make mouths water everywhere. A complement to nearly every kind of fish and seafood, garlic herb butter is a crowd favorite for a reason: its craveable flavors excite taste buds and activate the salivary glands in one fell swoop. Order this compound butter today! Now available in our Stocked Dollop Program

9. Avocado Butter

Making swordfish or salmon? Stock up on avocado butter to create a creamy, velvety flavor that will make the grilled fish melt in your mouth. The mild flavors of swordfish will be accentuated by the richness of avocado butter, marrying the flavors with a delicate touch. An excellent option for summer weather, this is a light yet smooth meal option.

10. Smoked Paprika Butter

A little smoke, a little zest, and a little heat define smoked paprika butter, which is a great option for flounder, tilapia, or cod that otherwise have fairly mild flavors. Take it from the grill to the plate and serve your guests a dish that they will return to time and again to eat. When you’re looking for butter for fish, this option will absolutely elevate the dish.

Create Your Custom Butter

Did you know that Butterball Farms offers custom butter? Don’t see the compound butter flavor combination you need for your seafood dish? Let’s create it! We love a challenge and are always excited to create new compound butter. No matter which seafood or fish option you’re serving, including a compound butter can make the cooking process easy! 

Already have a recipe you want mass-produced? No problem. We can easily create your unique custom compound butter for fish. We work with restaurateurs, manufacturers, and more to create compound butter, flavored butter spreads, and more.

Our flavor possibilities are endless and are available in a variety of formats that will meet your needs—from pre-portioned to cups and tubs or individual wrappings for pre-portioned sizes.

Let’s Get Started

At Butterball Farms, we are here to work with you as a partner that you can trust. If you need suggestions, we can help. Contact us today to get started!