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New Stocked Flavored Dollop
Program by Butterball® Farms

Butterball® Farm’s New Stocked Flavored Dollop Program offers three of America’s top flavor combinations in the form of flavored butter dollops. You’ll receive our ready-to-order butter dollops within 10 working days, with no minimum order quantities. Flavors available in the program include Garlic Herb, Lemon Herb, and Pesto Basil.

Garlicy, rich, and refreshing Butterball Farms creamy butter layered with fresh herbs that elevate any dish.

Loaded with vibrant green basil, parmesan cheese, and salt combined with Butterball Farms premium butter for a taste of Italy.

A bright blend of light citrus and refreshing herbs with Butterball Farms rich and creamy butter for a year-round summer kick.

Customers know and love these flavors. Now restaurants, food processors, retailers and more can add that rich, craveable flavor quickly and easily into their mealtime solutions. No matter how you use them, your customers will crave the flavor, and you will love the ease of ordering and time saved on labor. Contact us today to order. Order any one of these three flavors or try them all!

Looking for something custom? No problem! We put the “custom” in customer and will work with you to craft a custom flavor that’s right for your business. Talk with us today about creating a custom flavor solution.

Why Choose Butterball Farms
Flavored Butter Dollops?

From embossed roses to flavored butter dollops, Butterball Farms has been on the cutting edge of premium, specialty quality butter for more than six decades. Our Stocked Dollop program gives you access to some of our top-selling flavors for the fast indulgence your customers will crave.

The Benefits of Our Stocked Dollop Program:

Order Your Flavored Butter Dollops Today

Get in-house taste without in-house time! Our flavorful, versatile butter dollops can easily be inserted into prepared meals, frozen or refrigerated products, or act as a finishing butter atop a steak, burger, pasta, and more!

Contact us today at 888.8.BUTTER or email us at info@butterballfarms.com to place an order today!

Want to try them first? Request a free flavor sample to kickstart your imagination of how our flavored butter dollops can work for your operation or business!

Stocked flavored butter dollops work across a variety of applications and are perfect for any pre-packed food, prepared meal, or menu.  

Looking for another flavor?

We can create a custom flavor profile just for you!