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Garlic Herb Compound Butter Dollops

Butterball Butter: Bulk Butter for America’s Biggest Brands |   Item # 888-967

Looking for where to buy pre-portioned garlic herb butter wholesale? You’ve come to the right place—learn more about our crowd-pleasing garlic herb compound butter and how it can elevate every meal your kitchen makes. Made from premium, farm-fresh cream, this garlicky, rich, and refreshing butter is layered with fresh herbs and shallots. Its pre-portioned size is perfect for quickly tossing into any recipe or pre-packaged meal or for use as a finishing butter.

Pairs Great With

  • Beef
  • Chicken
  • Pasta
  • Rice
  • Seafood
  • Vegetables

About Garlic Herb Compound Butter Dollops from Butterball® Farms

Servings, Storage & Shelf Life

We offer multiple options for bulk ordering our garlic compound butter. Each portion weighs 0.5 ounces. For those who want to place a custom order, we can work on portion sizes anywhere from 0.5–1 oz dollops and individual wrapping with print.

Our garlic herb butter has a shelf life of 210 days and should be kept frozen. We also offer our garlic herb butter in tub format, available at your local distributor.

Craveworthy Flavor Profile

Our garlic herb butter is a decadent classic that will have your customers clamoring for more. Like all of our compound flavors, it starts with a base of fresh, high-quality sweet cream. This gives it a delicate taste and a smooth, creamy texture that amplifies the other ingredients with it.

Seasoned with garlic, wine, lemon, and shallots, our flavor-packed, pre-mixed garlic butter dollops are versatile and packed with rich, savory flavor. This winning combination of savory and herbaceous flavors makes our garlic compound butter a staple for restaurants, manufacturers, meal kit companies, and more. Pairing it with the savory, meaty flavor of steak brings the dish to a whole new level of decadence. Similarly, its creamy and savory flavor makes it a natural, rich accompaniment for lobster, crab, shrimp, and other seafood dishes.

How to Use This Garlic Compound Butter

The Swiss Army Knife of Restaurant Butter

It would almost be easier to describe what doesn’t pair with this garlic compound butter! With its delicate, well-rounded flavor profile, these are just a few of the craveable dishes that our customers have used it on:

  • Beef (especially steak)
  • Chicken
  • Seafood
  • Pasta dishes
  • Rice dishes
  • Vegetables

Industrial kitchens can also use it for everything from elevated garlic bread for table service to finishing butter on their most succulent meat and seafood entrées. Restaurants use our garlic herb compound butter in their cooking processes. This flavor can turn almost any dish into a fan favorite, turning first-time customers into lifetime regulars.

Even more, choosing garlic herb compound butter from Butterball Farms saves your kitchen team time. Where they would normally have to spend several hours each week making compound butter from scratch, using our prepared compound butter allows them to get right to cooking.

In turn, this not only saves your team time and labor but also gives them a more consistent result when they’re preparing your restaurant’s signature dishes.

Make Every Packaged Entrée and Side More Craveable

No matter which types of entrées you have available for your customers’ end users, garlic herb compound butter can take the flavor experience to new heights. Even more, because all our wholesale flavored butters are pre-portioned, it’s easy to slip them into your packaged meals with minimal disruption to your assembly process.

These are also a great way to elevate side dishes such as frozen vegetables or rice dishes. Just like every other dish your development team creates, garlic compound butter makes every vegetable medley taste even better.

Add Quality Ingredients to Your Meal Kits

Meal kit customers are always looking for new flavors to try. Our garlic herb compound butter is the perfect vehicle for allowing your customers to try new dishes, all with a finishing butter they won’t have to whip together themselves. Simply place our pre-proportioned butter dollops into your meal kit and let them use it as a topping or finishing butter.

Not only does this save both you and your customers time and reduce the margin of error in your dishes, but it also makes your manufacturing process that much easier.

Order Wholesale Flavored Butter Pats

At Butterball Farms, we believe butter makes every dish better. If you’re looking for where to buy garlic herb-flavored butter wholesale, we have you covered. To order garlic herb compound butter today, find a distributor near you or contact us today to discuss crafting a custom order.