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Seafood. Poised Atop An Immunity-Boosting Food Mega Trend For 2021

New vaccines hold the promise of a hopeful end to COVID, but a mega trend built by the pandemic will remain. Consumer attitudes toward the benefits of functional foods have shifted from added energy and weight control to immunity-boosting. It is a significant opportunity for seafood.

85%* of consumers

will continue to look for functional foods even after the pandemic threat is gone.
*Datassential, 2020

Omega-3 fatty acids in seafood, vitamins found in citrus and lycopene in red and orange vegetables are at the top of the list of super foods. These nutrients are proven to help the body ward off various maladies ranging from cancers to heart disease and diabetes. Harvard’s School of Public Health lists fish as the most important protein in the promotion of a healthy body. Yet, consumers are intimidated by cooking and flavoring fish.

Healthy Eating Plate

As the pandemic continues, more Americans are looking to foods that taste great and have additional functional benefits. A consumer survey conducted during the spring and summer of 2020 by Datassential found that 85% of consumers will continue to look for functional food benefits, such as Omega-3 fatty acids, long after the pandemic ends.

Certain species of seafood have extraordinary value to healthy diets as they contain 1,000 mg of Omega-3 fatty acids as well as other beneficial vitamins and minerals per four-ounce serving. Seafood companies can help consumers reap these functional benefits through packaging that denotes the benefits and by making preparation of the seafood easy.

The culinary team at Butterball Farms, paired fish with flavored butters to enhance their flavor and marketability. By using Butterball Farm’s lemon herb flavored dollops atop a fish in a heat and serve package, processors and retailers can increase consumption and add value to consumers in search of an immunity-boosting meal. Here are some easy pairings for particular species with readily available flavored butter dollops.

Fish and Butter Pairings

Top retailers are already pairing flavored butter dollops in convenient seafood heat and serve packaging. Ahead of the surge in consumer demand for immunity-boosting functional foods expected in 2021, seafood processors and retailers should accelerate their marketing and product development plans to benefit.

Flavored butter dollops are a specialty of Butterball Farms. Request a free sample today.