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What Are The Big Catch Sales Opportunities For 2021?

2020 was the year when consumers tried their hands at serving more seafood to their families and they loved it! Helping them overcome the anxiety of how to prepare seafood and a significant increase in selling prepared meals by retailers earn much of the credit.

In 2020, fresh seafood sales growth outpaced fresh meat and produce in store perimeters!

IRI, November 2020

According to IRI, for the 26 weeks ending in October 2020, 8.9% more households bought seafood and spent 27% more per seafood buying household. Overall, there were 14% more shopping occasions that included fish in the grocery basket.

Among all items showing significant growth in supermarkets during the year fresh seafood (+22.7%) sales growth was near fresh meat (+23.2%) in sales growth and more than twice higher than produce (+10.7%) in store perimeters. In the frozen aisle, seafood’s growth was even more impressive at +36.8% ahead of poultry and frozen vegetables.

As consumers shifted from restaurants to retailers for more at-home meals, they turned to prepared entrees and heat and eat meal kits offered by retailers for convenience. While supermarket deli entrees were down by more than 8% because of fears of possible infection by deli workers, prepared entrees were +15.4% and meal kits were up an astonishing +42.4%.

What are the big catches by species expected to grow entering 2021?

popular seafoods in 2021

Double digit growth is expected among species as varied as shrimp and salmon to high ticket items such as lobster and crab.

Sustaining growth during a year with a hopeful end to the pandemic boils down to the cornerstones of 2020… making seafood easy and delicious:

  • Assure retailers have the best easy and quick preparation recipes and a story about the origins and the sustainability of the seafood that they sell.
  • Properly merchandising prepared meals or meal kits with savory flavors built into the package along with complimentary sides using easy flavored butter dollops that literally melt into the seafood and vegetables as they bake.
  • Make sure that the prepared meals and meal kits use graphics and text to describe the succulent flavors and easy prep that the meals offer to the consumer.
  • Assure that seafood options and meals are prominently displayed on retailer websites or mobile apps for ordering online for delivery or curbside pick-up.

The big catch for seafood processors in 2021 is obvious and exciting for the new year. 2020 was the year that consumers truly discovered seafood. With some fresh ideas and inspiration for making a variety of species deliciously easy to serve at the dinner table, processors can continue to count on growth. If you would like to request a free sample of Butterball Farms flavored dollops or other products simply visit our site and we will be happy to discuss.