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Clean Label Flavored Butters Poised To Upscale CPG Food Products In 2021

If CPG food processor R&D teams have clean label foods on their priority list, don’t forget flavored butters. They represent one of the most promising opportunities for CPG brands in 2021. The healthy halo and appealing flavor of a garlic herb or a honey butter can instantly add value without compromising profitability. 

salmon with butter

Flavored dollops are ideal for imparting flavor atop proteins to make meal preparation easy.


The opportunity for upscaling the flavor of seafood, chicken, vegetables, and desserts gives new product development teams the flexibility flavored butters to nearly any category.

“We’ve perfected the process of blending clean label, cravable ingredients with the inherent benefits of our butter.”

Bonnie Beard, Director of Marketing | Butterball Farms

An excellent source of immunity-boosting vitamins, real butter is high in beta-carotene that offers benefits for reducing the risk of cancer and age-related macular degeneration. The calcium within butter also helps to reduce the risk of osteoporosis.

Butterball® Farms is a family-owned butter manufacturer that has perfected the process for making flavored butters in a variety of top-selling flavors or craft a customized proprietary flavor for its CPG customers. It is an easy solution for adding innovation from a supplier who can quickly ramp up from pilot to full-scale production.

steak and butter

Proteins and vegetables are instantly upscaled with the help of a flavored butter dollop. 

“Beyond the health benefits of butter, there is significant consumer appeal to the flavor that butter provides,” says Bonnie Beard, Director of Marketing for Butterball Farms. “We’ve perfected the process of blending clean label, cravable ingredients with the inherent benefits of our butter. Flavors such as garlic herb, lemon dill, chile lime cilantro can instantly upscale a frozen or prepared fish, poultry, or produce item.”

According to IRI, frozen meat, seafood, processed poultry and potatoes and onions grew in sales by more than 30% during 2020. CPG food brands look to maintain that growth by new or trending flavors.

Since most flavor trends begin on restaurant menus, the growth in flavored butters is promising. Garlic butter grew by 74% over the past four years, herb butter grew on menus by 26% and honey butter grew by 40% according to restaurant data monitor, Datassential. 

“We’ve been providing customized butter solutions to CPG companies for decades,” says Beard. “We accelerated our flavor innovation during the pandemic because we knew the opportunity would grow quickly. Our capabilities to ramp up production quickly on custom butters make us a go-to source for a variety of flavored butters, bases, or sauces. Many of our custom butters are also clean label.” Butterball Farms frequently teams with new product development teams at CPG companies to innovate custom, proprietary flavors.

flavored butter dollops

Butterball Farms flavored dollops are easy to integrate in a CPG food production process and melt perfectly with the consumer heats their meal.


“There is a tremendous opportunity for CPG, meal kit providers, and seafood processors to offer flavored butter dollops,” says Beard. 

Butterball Farms meets or exceeds BRC Global Standards for quality and safety, with a Grade AA certification.

For more information on crafting a custom butter for your brand, Butterball Farms is ready to serve. We also offer some suggested pairings of our flavored dollops within a variety of applications.