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Unlocking The Secrets To Selling More Shellfish

Convenience & Flavor Are Key Yearlong

They say that months that end in “r” are the best for shellfish, but convenience and flavor are never out of season for consumers. That’s why prepared meals and meal kits at retailers are driving increased sales of shellfish.

shrimp scampi

Retailer Fresh Shrimp Meal w/ Scampi Butter & Fettucine

Combining some cooked pasta with some savory butter and shrimp are typical of the ways top retailers are offering convenience as consumers turn to supermarkets for meal solutions instead of cooking from scratch or restaurant delivery during COVID.

SeaPak Shrimp Scampi

Frozen Shrimp Scampi with Butter, Garlic and Seasonings  

Likewise, seafood processors are getting the most from their commodity items through the convenience of a heat and eat meal solution in the frozen section by using a garlic butter seasoning

Bundling flavor can help welcome thousands of new converts into buying more shellfish on a regular basis and increase the ring two or three-fold.

Demystifying shellfish to consumers means that you make it easy with some assurances that they will enjoy the flavor. For example, while most would think that a consumer who has never purchased crab legs would know how to prepare them, that is simply not true. While the shopper may have enjoyed them at a restaurant, the idea of properly preparing them at home can be intimidating.

Instructions for preparing crab legs

Instructions for preparing these crab legs can either leave a shopper bewildered or engaged.

As with the example above, with just a little effort, a retailer can provide boiling instructions, telling the story of how the snow crab was humanely caught off the coast of Canada and recommend pairings of sides, wines, bread and more. Likewise, the shellfish processor, wholesaler or retailer could assure a restaurant-like experience by including a dollop of clarified or flavored butter with a cluster of the legs that can be easily melted for dipping the crab meat.

Adding easy flavor can help welcome thousands of new converts into buying more shellfish on a regular basis and increase the ring two or three-fold. For fresh shellfish, the story of the origin of the species, more complete cooking instructions, and bundling flavor are the difference between success and failure.

Yet the best bet for selling more shellfish is in the heat and eat prepared meal or meal kit. While shoppers have increased the numbers of meals that they prepare from scratch during the COVID pandemic, there is always a time when the consumer just wants to turn on the oven and eat. A recent survey of parents whose kids are learning remotely during the pandemic found that 75%* were looking for more convenient meal options. This is also especially true for singles who may not have families expecting a home-cooked meal.

With just a little effort, seafood processors, wholesalers and retailers can make a significant and positive impact on sales in 2021 through a little storytelling, education, and bundling flavor.

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*Datassential, Sept. 2020