ButterBall Farms Inc.

Contract Manufacturing in Butter Production

Whether you’re looking to develop new or replicate your existing product, Butterball® Farms is here to help. With over 60 years of experience working with major brands, we have the capability to bring your concepts to life and to take your production to the next level. From ideation through full-scale production, we are here to support you every step of the way.

What Is Contract Manufacturing?

Butterball offers premium butter products for clients in various industries through contract manufacturing, also known as co-manufacturing. This process entails finding a third party company that already specializes in the product you need (that’s us!) and creating a customized product for your brand. We also provide other co-manufacturing products, including:

  • Butter blends
  • Cold-mixed sauces
  • Gravies
  • Glazes

Why Co-Manufacture With Butterball?

Contract manufacturing is a great way to get top-quality products without having to take full responsibility for the manufacturing process. We can work with you as a production resource, product development house, or both. While there are many companies out there offering the same service, co-manufacturing with Butterball comes with a range of benefits:

  • Highest Quality Certifications: Butterball Farms is a BRC-AA rated manufacturing plant, which provides assurance that our products are being produced, prepared, and handled according to the highest standard. We also produce certified USDA, kosher, and halal products. 
  • Industry leaders: Family-owned and operated, Butterball Farms has been in business for over 60 years and has a trendsetting passion for flavor, innovation, and imagination of the culinary arts to produce products that greatly enhance your brand. Whether it’s butter, sauces, or glazes, we can help you! We utilize top-quality ingredients and prioritize food safety to ensure every product that leaves our doors is the best.
  • Customizable: Whether you are looking to innovate or improve your flavor profile in butter, sauce, gravies or more, Butterball Farms will work with you to develop a flavor profile that delivers on your brand promise and is unique to your business.
  • Confidential: Looking to keep the contract under wraps? No problem. The process can be kept confidential as needed through our private label service.
  • Service: Personalized attention and direct access to our R&D team is just one way we excel in providing the best possible customer service. 

The Benefits of Contract Manufacturing

  • Easy to meet capacity needs: Meeting your capacity needs is easy with the help of Butterball’s skilled team. We know better than anyone that manufacturing butter is not an easy job. So much goes into getting the recipes, consistency, and flavor just right, and we’ve perfected that process! Whether you need one order for an upcoming event or regular orders to keep up with your own customer base, Butterball will provide the premium products you’re looking for.
  • Less commitment required: Instead of trying to get the materials and equipment needed to do it all yourself, let a team of professionals take care of it. You can place new orders as needed instead of manufacturing more than you need on your own and risking waste.
  • Keep your focus where it’s needed: Focus on more important aspects of your business while we take on the role of butter producer. You’ll have all the product you need without the stress of managing the production.
  • Lower upfront costs: Because we already have all of the knowledge and equipment required for creating premium butter products, blends, gravies, sauces, and glazes, you’re saving money.
  • Added flexibility: You decide how much to order at a time, what the butter products will be packaged in, and even how the butter will taste. This level of flexibility encourages customization.

The Better Butter Contract Manufacturer

Butter Products Available

With Butterball, there are dozens of products created in our butter production process. As a contract manufacturer, all of our products are available for you to utilize for your own company. We can customize any aspect to meet your branding requirements as well as potential dietary restrictions.

  • Butter dollops: Butter dollops are convenient, pre-portioned butter pats that are frozen until ready for use. They can quickly be tossed into any recipe or pre-packaged meal.
  • Butter spreads & blends: Butter spreads are the perfect, creamy addition to any recipe. Butter blends can be a custom concoction of flavored butters and oils.
  • Bulk butter: Ordering butter products in bulk allows you to stay stocked up and ready for anything.
  • Margarine: Looking for a dairy-free alternative to butter? Try our margarine products. Margarine can also be utilized in butter blend products as a cost-cutting solution that offers the same great flavors.
  • Custom butter: Looking for a specific blend of oils or flavors? Want a custom butter shape? Butterball does it all. 
  • Flavored butter: Make an impact in any dish with tasty flavored butters. We can even create custom flavors if you don’t find what you’re looking for in our current inventory list.
  • Butter tubs: Butter tubs are convenient and help prevent waste as they’re resealable and able to be frozen until ready for use.

Trust an Industry-Leading Butter Production Company

Choose one of the industry’s leading butter production companies for all your butter product contract manufacturing needs. Reach out to Butterball Farms to learn more about the customization options we have available.