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Butterball Farms Can Help You Reduce Labor Costs for Your Restaurant

With labor costs typically making up 20–40% of a restaurant’s overall costs, it is no surprise that many owners are looking for unique ways to reduce them. While we may not be experts in cost reduction, we are experts on butter and have a fantastic product that can help you not only reduce your labor costs but improve portion control, reduce waste, and improve the presentation of your dishes. Take a look below to learn more about this product.

Our Premium Butter Balls® – Reducing Labor Costs

Excluding strictly vegan restaurants, butter is used in every kitchen across the country. It is used to complement and enhance the natural flavors of meat and vegetables, to thicken creams and sauces and give them that perfect texture, and to make ordinary dinner rolls delicious treats. With all of the use it gets, we at Butterball® Farms decided that butter should be an easy thing to prepare and present.

Currently, your restaurant might be piping butter, cutting butter from a block, or using individually wrapped butters. When using these methods, your employees waste valuable time cutting, portioning, forming and presenting the butter. But there is a better way. Our Butter Balls® come in a large bag (see below) but are pre-portioned, pre-shaped, and ready for presentation. All your employees have to do is reach into the bag, pull out a Butter Ball®, and apply it to the dish at hand. With less time spent on preparing butter, your employees will be free to focus on other areas of their jobs.

Reducing Waste, Improving Portion Control, and Enhancing Presentation

As previously stated, our Butter Balls® can do more than help you reduce your labor costs. We pre-portion our Butter Balls®, so you always have a consistent product (in measurement and in taste). This pre-portioning also takes the expense of food waste generated from piping or cutting butter off of your shoulders. Lastly, our product has a uniform shape and design that your customers will love, so there is no need to worry about the presentation of your butter. We have it covered.

What else does Butterball® Farms have to offer?

In addition to our Butter Balls®, we offer a number of custom-designed individual butter servings, and can even work with you to create a unique design to improve presentation further, or a proprietary butter flavor to enhance the taste of one or more of your dishes. Click below to browse our site and find out just how much we can do for your restaurant!

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