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Coconut Cream Pavlova

A gluten-free Easter special

How adorable is this Easter Dessert? This is a simple vanilla pavlova shaped into mini baskets filled with homemade coconut cream, dolloped with whipping cream and topped with chocolate eggs!

If you’re looking to make something a little different this year for Easter, then this is the recipe for you (and it’s gluten free)! It’s not just a pretty cake either, it’s absolutely hands down delicious! I don’t know about you but I just love desserts like this, so light and simple; perfect to end an Easter feast!

Another nice thing about this desserts is that once you cut the individual pavlova baskets, you can add as much of the toppings if they’d like – there’s no shame in going for seconds! The recipe makes a little extra just for this. Add a seasonal touch perfect for an Easter feast with these little chocolate eggs – tasty, and a pretty burst of colour on top of the pavlova.

Coconut Cream Easter Pavlova - Gluten Free. www.BakingForFriends.com
Photo courtesy of BakingForFriends.com

Baker Alie Romano tells us: ‘Pavlovas are also great because you can make them well in advance, meaning you can get your desserts out of the way and focus on cooking your Easter meal, saving you time and stress! You can actually make your coconut cream in advance too, making this the perfect ‘make ahead’ dessert!’

You can find the full recipe here: try it for yourself and let us know what you think by sharing your photos with us using #BetterButter. Happy baking!