ButterBall Farms Inc.

Churn84 Chef’s Rolls

A blank canvas for your imagination.

We have married class and convenience with the arrival of our unique, Unsalted Chef’s Rolls. These handy cylinders allow for the creation of simple yet precise buttery coins, perfect for placement in ramekins and serving dishes. A welcome accompaniment to fresh crusty bread, it’s a perfectly luxurious way to start any event or dining experience. Learn more about our chef’s rolls – the ultimate in class and convenience – in this short video. We believe that attention to detail is what makes every experience special.

Our chef’s roll use our Churn 84 European style butter. European produced butter has earned a reputation for great taste and performance. This is largely due to a higher butterfat content, which in many countries must be a minimum 82%, compared to the North American standard of 80% butterfat. Finding a reliable supply of European produced butter can be time consuming and difficult, so we’ve developed Churn84 to eliminate that chore. Churn84 delivers 84% butterfat, resulting in 20% less moisture, excellent flavor and superb culinary results. In addition, Churn84 is barrel-churned to deliver a sweet, creamy flavor that’s noticeably richer, with a texture that provides a dense, luxurious mouthfeel. Contact us to learn more!