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Get Creative with our Quik Creations Butter Sauce

Butter Sauce: Versatile. Durable. Delicious.

At Butterball® Farms, Inc., we’ve created a delicious, ready-to-use all natural butter sauce base that quickly and easily transforms ordinary ingredients into extraordinary culinary delights. Check out this video to discover all the amazing things that you can do, quick and simply. From a creamy tomato Parmesan pasta, lemon herb sauce drizzled over chicken, or fabulous desserts layered with a vanilla rum dressing. The possibilities are endless!

Time saving, and cost-effecting, discover more about our Quik Creations Butter Sauce here.  It’s the perfect choice for pasta primavera, grilled lamb ribs, spicy shrimp and penne pasta, classic Fettuccine Alfredo, sautéed rainbow trout, saucy hot wings, butter sauce fondue and much more. You can even use it as a base to create your own Beurre Blanc sauce to serve with seafood, poultry, vegetables and eggs. Have you thought about a Hollandaise-style sauce? Creme Anglaise? We told you the possibilities were endless. Our butter sauce is not only versatile, it’s all natural made with real creamery butter! It can be refrigerated, or even frozen and holds up through multiple heat and chill cycles – meaning you don’t have to throw it out within a few hours like you may have experienced with your own versions. Quik Creations Butter Sauce is the ultimate base, with the ability to be mixed with wine, milk and any other ingredients.

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