What’s your flavor story? Let us help you tell it! Creekside Creamery® compound butters inspire you with fantastic flavor infusions that please the palate, naturally.


Creekside Creamery® is a pioneer in the development of compound (flavored) butters. Originally founded in Ohio in 2005, Creekside Creamery® became part of the Butterball® Farms family in 2015. The inspiration for the name Creekside Creamery® comes from the historic town of Piqua, Ohio where the Stillwater River crosses the road.

Today Creekside Creamery® offers a variety of all-natural compound butters, both sweet and savory. Each developed to be the perfect finishing butter to a great meal or signature dish. Our premium, compound butters are made with European-style butter and a variety of savory, aromatic herbs and spices, resulting in rich, creamy, flavorful perfection! Whether you’re looking for spicy, exotic, sweet, or sophisticated flavors, we’ve got you covered!


Are you looking for the perfect condiment for an outstanding burger? Look no further than Creekside Creamery® Grilling Butters™! Consumers love the natural goodness of butter and relish the delightful flavor in every bite. These delicious dollops are so tasty that they make it easy for you to sell your burgers at a premium price. They’re simple to use, just add a dollop at the end of the grilling cycle and watch it melt into buttery bliss!

Grilling Butters™ aren’t just for burgers. They’re versatile—consider pairing them with baked potatoes, cornbread, baguettes, sandwiches, and steaks!

Available in two delicious, on-trend flavors:  Horseradish and Blue Butter and Bacon Pepper Jack Butter.  Give ‘em a try! For ordering information, click on the image of the product brochure below.


Bring out the best in beef, poultry, and fish with Creekside Creamery’s Chef’s Rolls.  Our classically created, aromatic Chef’s Rolls are a buttery marriage of sophisticated flavors and convenience. They are perfect culinary butters for protein-based dishes, but they may also be sliced and used in ramekins and serving dishes to add savory flavors to a variety of meals.

Our Chef’s Rolls are offered in a brightly flavored Lemon Dill Butter. To learn more, click on the image of the product brochure below.