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Custom Butter: Put Your Logo or Brand on Butter

Personalized, Gourmet Butter

Do you want your brand to run through every aspect of your foodservice, restaurant, or packaged meal service? We have a creamy and delicious solution: personalized butter portions. Butterball® Farms can make customized embossed butters with your logo on it.

Manufacturing Capabilities

Individual pats of high-quality, customized butter are a great way to improve brand recognition and leave a lasting impression on guests at restaurants, universities, hotels,  casinos, and more. 

Maybe you’re a foodservice group at a university looking for a way to add some more school spirit at events. Perhaps you’re in the consumer packaged goods industry and looking to add your brand to your meal kits. Or maybe you are seeking ways to ensure your restaurant or hotel service has an extra special touch that will surprise and delight your guests. No matter your reason, the details matter—our custom logo butter is as delicious as it is unique.

Create Custom Logo Butter
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Custom Salted Butter

Our mouthwatering salted butter is best used for tableside service, like spreading on fresh baked bread. Astonish your guests with your attention to detail and then wow them with the freshest, creamiest, most buttery taste.

For those working in the packaged food service industry, our pre-portioned salted butter is ideal for a wide variety of applications, such as flavoring proteins, vegetables, or sauces. When a customer opens up their package, they will appreciate the added flair and care that goes into custom logo butter.

Custom Unsalted Butter

While unsalted butter is ideal for baking, our unsalted butter is also great for anyone watching their salt intake. Our custom logo unsalted butter can be utilized on healthy restaurant menus and in packaged food goods that offer low-sodium meals.

Plant-Based Butter

Dairy-free eaters have every right to delicious, creamy, buttery goodness, and we are happy to make that happen! Our plant-based butter provides the same tasty flavor and consistency that our standard butter offers without any dairy products. They can also be customized and are great for placing in health-conscious or plant-based packaged meals.


High-Quality Butter Tastes Better

We pride ourselves on providing exquisitely crafted butter. Our individually portioned butters are locally sourced and have only two ingredients: high-quality cream and salt.

Want a Custom Logo Butter with Flavor?

Butterball Farms offers many different flavor combinations, allowing your business to get a totally unique butter for whatever your needs may be. Whether sweet, savory, or spicy, we can ensure our expertly crafted flavor combinations satisfy your tastes. 

If you’re looking to create a completely new flavor for your guests, we are happy to help! Inquire about custom butter flavors today.

Let’s Get Started Today

Custom butter logos can take up to 6–10 weeks for development. We make it easy with a 4 step process:

  1. Application: Butterball Farms must have a completed and signed application on file to begin the custom logo process.
  2. Graphics: Upon receipt of a high-resolution art file, the engineering designer will create a graphic rendering for approval. This step can take 1–2 weeks.
  3. Tray sample: We create the die for the logo and send a tray sample of actual produce to you for approval. 
  4. Approve and order: Once the tray sample is approved, a customer can place their order with their distributor-of-choice. Per case pricing is determined through your distributor, which Butterball Farms can help coordinate with your sales representative.

Send us a message today to learn more about placing a custom butter order with Butterball Farms.