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Get on Board with the Top Menu Trends For 2022

Near the top of the list of menu trends for 2022 is a perennial favorite for shared appetizers, the charcuterie board. Here’s what Flavor & The Menu’s Top 10 Trends edition for the new year has to say about the winning menu item.

“Charcuterie addresses the snacking trend driven by changing consumer behaviors, offering savory options for anytime eating. It also provides cross-utilization strategies for operators and is endlessly customizable. We’re even seeing charcuterie as a flavor system, showing up in items like “charcuterie gravy.” The diversity of ingredients, formats and dining occasions ensure that boards offer a great opportunity for growth.”  

But the idea of charcuterie can go way beyond the typical array of sliced meats, a variety of cheeses, breads, and flavored butters. Why not use the idea of “boards” as sharable appetizer displays on customer tables or take-out boxes for your operation? Here are some thought starters.

An Ethnic-Inspired Board –

Consumers say they craved globally inspired foods more than any other during the pandemic*. Give them a trip around the world! Let them visit Greece with kabobs, hummus and flatbreads along with a flavored butter or unique balls of butter or butter roses. Add some short ribs, pot stickers, or mini tacos. Try experimenting with the right combination for a globally inspired tour of flavor.

A GameDay Board –

Tip-off March Madness or kick-off a new football season with a themed board of GameDay favorites; Wings, loaded potato skins, sliders, cheese sticks are all perfect for either watching games in your restaurant, for tailgate take-outs or at home.

A Big Time Breakfast Board –

Breakfast is back and a breakthrough idea for groups or special events is a layout of breakfast items for sharing among friends. Imagine a board loaded with pancakes and waffles, bacon, sausage, and biscuits. Yum!

Butter Balls from Butterball Farms
Butter Balls from Butterball Farms
Butterball Farms Butter Roses
Butterball Farms Butter Roses

Let customers graze on a great breakfast with a fresh idea that can be both profitable and Instagrammable! Make it even more unique with Butterball® Farms Balls of Butter or Butter Roses smearing on those biscuits and pancakes with some panache. Be sure to offer mimosas and bloody mary’s to complement this satisfying meal.

An On-Trend Bread Board –

Bread boards are nothing new but load one up with the top trending breads and you have a conversation starter. We took a look at the top trending breads from Datassential to get you started, and don’t forget the idea of flavored butters for spreading atop an exotic bread. Butterball Farms offers a wide variety of flavored butters that are pre-made and ready to serve.

Bread Menu Growth Comparison

A Vegetarian Board –

Plant-based is the single fastest-growing trend, so offer the climatarians delight with some indulgent items. Try plant-based protein sliders, fried cauliflower, green beans or pickles and some over-the-top dipping sauces.

The ideas are endless when it comes to sharing your menu winners for 2022. Offer your customers a new experience with the top flavor trends of the new year.

*Datassential 2021