ButterBall Farms Inc.

Our Labor-Saving Flavored Butters & Sauces. 3 Ways To Craveability.

#1 Flavored Butters

Consistently craveable flavors that save on labor and speed service is a smart solution. Butterball® Farms has perfected custom flavored butters in a variety of forms and packaging.

Imagine a garlic herb butter that compliments any signature burger, or your center-of-the plate grilled chicken or steak finished with a pre-portioned dollop. You could also use our lemon herb flavored butter atop a sea bass or grouper. Or, use our butter base to make an easy alfredo sauce or a beer cheese soup.

Consider the labor and time to make your own custom butter and the inconsistencies of making it with various kitchen staff. That’s why more top chains are turning to Butterball Farms for a flavor solution.

Made from fresh Michigan butter, Butterball Farms butters contain multiple spices, herbs, or citrus. Butterball Farms has perfected a process that assures their dollops maintain their form while refrigerated, then melt quickly and uniformly when heated—containing all natural ingredients and are available in bulk or individually wrapped. Why not leave the butter to us for consistent exceptional flavor for your menu? Try a free sample and explore your possibilities.

#2 Shaped Butters

Butterball Farms is the market leader in shaped butters. It’s the way to upscale your menu for any daypart.

Bread is back as COVID weary customers treat themselves to everything from biscuits to brioche, artisan crusty breads and bread board appetizers. Butterball Farms is the undisputed leader in shaped butters. Made from premium fresh Michigan dairy cream, our shapes range from rosettes, balls, geometric shapes and more.

Nothing says that you have thought of everything on your menu when you bring some of our shaped butters to the table along with your bread. It’s an easy way to impress. Find a shape in our gallery, then order your free samples.

What are the trending breads to pair with one of our shapes for this fall?

According to Datassential, bread is back on menus. Butterball Farms has a shaped or flavored butter for all.

#3 Endless Sauce Abilities!

Butterball Farms Quik-Creations® Butter Sauces help you kick-start extraordinary culinary delights.

Created to help busy chefs with superior heating and holding attributes, Quik-Creations® Butter Sauce Bases let your kitchen prepare multiple servings of cravable dishes ahead of time. Everything from creamy alfredo or hollandaise sauce, or a beer cheese soup and have them ready when you need them. Reduce labor costs by letting our butter bases do most of the work. Serve it quicker from the kitchen for happier customers.

Take a look and our easy application recipes or request your free sample now.