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The Restaurant’s Guide to Custom Flavoring Products

Restaurants are still seeing 16 percent fewer people dining on-premises compared to before the pandemic. Creating custom flavoring for your menu items is a critical part of attracting more patrons to your restaurant. Customers now expect value when they eat out and want a dining experience they can’t get anywhere else. However, taking this process in-house requires time, energy, and resources that your kitchen staff might not have on their own.

That’s where working with a trusted flavor development partner can make it easier to help your business stand out. Discover how Butterball® Farms can make it easier to add new and unique flavors to every part of your menu.

Why Use Bulk Flavor Development?

Make Quality Consistent with Custom Flavors

Let’s set a scene that’s familiar to anyone who has spent enough time in the restaurant industry.

You have a new, relatively green sous chef in his first week on the job. You’ve trained him on how to make one of your more delicate, butter-based sauce recipes. However, since he’s new and mistakes happen, he accidentally burns multiple servings of the sauce and needs to start over. It’s the middle of the dinner rush, and your customers are starting to complain.

Working with a bulk flavor development partner to create ready-made butters, blends, and sauces makes this common scenario a non-issue. It minimizes the likelihood of mistakes in the process, making it easier to produce dishes with the same level of quality every time.

Save Time and Labor

It can take countless hours for your chefs to develop custom flavors—let alone replicate them during every breakfast, lunch, and dinner service you offer going forward. This not only takes nine hours per week on average once you’ve finalized the recipe, but also results in having to pay your kitchen crew for every additional hour they’re working to make your recipes themselves.

Working with a custom-flavored sauce company allows you to take those time factors out of the equation so your staff can focus on making dishes that will turn your customers into regulars.

Take Trial and Error Off Your Plate

Testing new custom flavors for your restaurant can be a challenging process riddled with small mistakes, results you can’t replicate, and recipes that simply don’t work.

However, working with a provider who offers custom flavor solutions takes all those uncertainties off your plate so you have a consistent, high-quality product from the start. At Butterball Farms, we will collaborate, create, and sample different flavor profiles to help you find the perfect flavor fit for all your menu needs. Not to mention, our output ranges from small batch runs to fully scaled so you can test your products in a regional market or as a limited-time offer. 

Add Innovation

Your patrons are constantly searching for new, craveworthy flavor profiles when they eat at your restaurant. In fact, 77 percent of consumers are excited about new food and beverage trends in 2024. Working with a custom flavor development company allows you to stay on the cutting edge of food trends and offer flavors that they can’t experience anywhere else. Even more, it lets you introduce these new flavors and menu items to multiple locations.

Understanding What Your Restaurant Needs

Some custom flavor development companies only focus on providing powder or liquid flavoring. While this may work for some recipes, using these ingredients will ultimately still add steps to the process that restaurants and their back-of-house staff need to implement.

However, providers like Butterball® Farms offer versatile, custom flavor blends as ready-made ingredients with an array of bases that chefs can more easily incorporate into their richest recipes. This makes it easier for back-of-house teams to create custom flavor experiences without sacrificing time in a setting where every second counts.

Ready-Made Products

We offer ready-made flavored butter dollops and butter tubs, along with the ability to supply restaurateurs with custom flavor sauces in bulk. Butterball Farms can also provide other ready-made ingredients to help your kitchen staff create exquisite meals with custom flavors, including:








Cream cheeses

Sauce Bases

For the restaurateur who thrives on in-house innovation, Butterball Farms also offers Quik-Creations® butter sauce bases. These solutions are perfect for when you want premium-quality dairy butter at the base of every dish you make. Using these sauce bases makes it easier to experiment with new menu items and finishing touches, from creamy pasta sauces to soups to butter-based caramel drizzles on your dessert menu.

Work with an American Custom Food Flavoring Company

If you’re looking for a partner that can make it easier to develop your own food trends and keep customers hungry for more, you’ve come to the right place. Connect with us today to learn about custom flavoring options and what we can do for you to help you create a unique flavor that makes you stand out.