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Unleash Craveworthy Flavors to Keep Customers Coming Back

Boxing promoter Don King said, “If you want to sell a steak, you can’t just have the sizzle, you gotta have the sauce.” As a menu developer, you know the value of a unique sauce or blend that drives traffic and average tickets to your chain. 

Whether you’ve created your next great blend or sauce and need a company to scale it up or need help in ideating one for you, Butterball® Farms is your go-to solution. 

People working the pass at a restaurant kitchen

Fast-paced kitchen prep demands pre-made custom blends and sauces for labor savings and consistency.

“The number of restaurant chains who count on us for making their custom blends, sauces or marinades keeps growing because we make the process easy without compromising flavor, no matter the challenge,” says Joy Pellek, Butterball Farms Director of Business Development.

LTO infographic

LTOs drive traffic and revenue. A Butterball Farms custom flavor made just for you can be the difference.

Limited time offers (LTOs) are a great reason to feature a custom sauce or blend. New research by Datassential says chain operators report as much as a 25% jump in revenue during the months of a successful LTO.

However, the greatest long-term value lies in incorporating an exceptional sauce or blend into your regular menu. Butterball Farms ensures consistency in delivering your sauces and marinades year after year. “We deliver our sauces and blends in the packaging they prefer, with most asking for disposable tubs to be used  back-of-house. Tubs take up very little space near a grill or prep station and are easily stored ‘til needed,” says Pellek. 

Sizzling steak with butter on top and a roll
flay lay over various bread appetizers

Transform your meals with our Roasted Garlic Herb Tub, a versatile blend that adds irresistible flavor to any dish, from burgers to flatbread pizzas. This culinary companion not only saves time but also eliminates the mess, making gourmet dining effortlessly convenient.

“One operator requested a Calabrian spice and garlic butter spread that could be used at the grill to flavor their burger or spread on pizza,” Pellek explains. “The time, labor, mess, and inconsistency of having the spread made individually across multiple restaurant units provided significant value to the chain customer.”

“We monitor research on what flavors are trending. Because we have decades of experience in creating custom flavors, we consult with many customers on what ingredients work best for the intended application.”

Lucia Falek, 
Director of Development 
Butterball Farms

Blending multiple ingredients into a sauce, marinade, oil, dressing, glaze, or spread provides chain restaurants with plenty of customizable options tailored to their unique needs. Butterball Farms will work with you to create a unique, craveworthy flavor your customers can’t find elsewhere and that meets your unique application needs. 

The solutions can include dairy or non-dairy ingredients and can be customized in a variety of formats from pre-portioned dollops to tubs and pails. Butterball Farms’ Research & Development Team likewise can consult with menu developers on sauces that are trending nationally or by region of the country to craft a truly delectable blend that sets you apart and keeps customers coming back for more. 

Trending custom sauce and dressings

Trending custom sauce and dressing flavors by region according to Datassential. 

“We monitor research on what flavors are trending. Because we have decades of experience in creating custom flavors, we consult with many customers on what ingredients work best for the intended application,” say Lucia Falek, Director of Development at Butterball Farms.

If you are at work on a custom flavor solution for your menu, wanting to innovate or looking for a secondary flavor supplier, contact the Butterball Farms Team today