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Streamline Processes and Elevate Products with Pre-Portioned Flavors

A recent survey of Research & Development (R&D) teams in the food industry shows ramped up urgency in creating new products as well as enhancing existing ones*. Another survey finds 53 percent* of teams are working on six-month timelines or less for delivering results**. That’s why more manufacturers are turning to Butterball® Farms for custom flavor solutions.

The company has been an innovator for more than 60 years in crafting custom flavor solutions for food processors. Their pre-portioned flavored butter dollops and medallions are a good example. The dollops combine desired flavors ranging from herbs, citrus, spices, with premium butter to sizes specified by the customer. When heated by the consumer, the dollops melt perfectly on proteins, vegetables, or par-baked breads with natural goodness.

Dollop formulations can include particulates, such as country sausage, in a gravy dollop that heats within a biscuit in a microwave. Particulate options range from bacon to fruits, citrus, and herbs as well.

The best part of this new product development is that pre-portioned flavors can be easily added into the manufacturing process, causing minimal disruption. Simply add into prepared trays, frozen or refrigerated products.

“Once we’ve aligned on the flavor and its intended application use, many large food manufacturers utilize our pre-portioned dollops or medallions to automate their process for greater efficiency. Our capabilities include individually wrapped dollops that can be printed with brand or allergen information.”

Lucia Falek
Vice-President of Development and Quality Systems
Butterball Farms

The company can also provide specially formulated sauces, gravies, and glazes to go into frozen and refrigerated products.

In addition to creating greater efficiencies, Butterball Farms pre-portioned flavor solutions help R&D teams compress their time to market, simplifying the process of adding value to their products by outsourcing the sometimes-laborious part of crafting a custom flavor.  “Dollops are easy to introduce into the manufacturing process and bring easy, flavorful, on-trend solutions to food manufacturers,” says Joy Pellek, Butterball Farms Director of Business Development.

Bagged and frozen proteins and vegetables pictured with Butterball Farms flavored dollop technology

Bagged and frozen proteins and vegetables pictured with Butterball Farms flavored dollop technology.

Butterball Farms’ own R&D team is experienced in integrating quickly with client cohorts to help ideate options and solutions based on new product needs or enhancements to existing ones.

“Today’s shopper behaviors are significantly different than before the pandemic,” explains Bonnie Beard, Butterball Farms Director of Marketing. “Shoppers want meal solutions that are quick and convenient with flavors their family loves. For any refrigerated or frozen food processor, we add value in both convenience and flavor.” 

Dollops and medallions can be individually wrapped, especially useful in prepared trays.

“We are constantly experimenting with flavor combinations or our own and in concert with clients,” says Falek. “Some of our most recent discoveries range from dollops for spicy shrimp boils to basil parmesan pesto dollops for chicken or fish. Other fun projects range from a piccata sauce including capers, citrus, and garlic for chicken as well as fruit butter dollops for frozen pancakes or waffles.”

The new 2024 Butterball Farms Flavor Guide is a great resource for identifying trends that can help processors accelerate new product development and be one that consumers embrace.

“We are happy to send prospective customers some free samples of our dollops or sauces,” says Pellek. “We have a broad portfolio of existing dollop recipes to kick-start your R&D team’s imagination, then we can go to work on your project quickly.”

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