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3 Popular Butter Trends to Utilize in Your Restaurant

With recent diet trends such as the ketogenic diet becoming more and more popular, butter is being introduced to classic dishes and beverages in unique ways. If you want to take advantage of these recent trends, take a look at the interesting butter combos below and consider what they could do for your restaurant.

Butter Coffee

What is it?

If you were hoping for a massive ingredient list with complex mixing instructions, we’re going to have to disappoint you on this one. Butter coffee is exactly what you would expect: butter and coffee. The basic recipe calls for 1 tablespoon of grass-fed butter, 1 cup of black coffee, and (the only additional ingredient) one tablespoon of medium-chain triglyceride (such as coconut oil).

Why are people drinking it?

Coffee typically provides drinkers with a jolt of energy but can lead to a “crash” when the effects of the caffeine wear off. Butter coffee, on the other hand, is said to provide a more steady increase in energy levels and can completely eliminate the crash. In addition, the drink can curb appetite, improve focus, and assist in weight loss. For many individuals on the ketogenic diet, it has become a tasty breakfast replacement.

How does it taste?

Most butter coffee enthusiasts insist that you blend your ingredients as opposed to stirring them in. When done properly, the outcome is an incredibly rich, slightly frothy, latte-esque coffee beverage. Smooth, creamy, and all-around delicious.

Should you have it on your menu?

If you are already serving coffee beverages at your restaurant, you probably have all the ingredients you need to begin serving butter coffee. Because the drink has not yet become over-popularized, it should pique the interest of your guests. It could even become a point of differentiation for your restaurant. If it will cost you next to nothing to add to your menu, we say go for it!

Butter Burger

What is it?

Butter burgers aren’t exactly new to the restaurant scene but they could experience a huge resurgence with high-fat, low-carb diets becoming more popular. If you are unfamiliar with this Wisconsin classic, butter burgers are generally made in two ways. One involves cooking your burger patties in a large amount of butter and the other involves placing a pat of butter between your patty and bun once you’ve finished cooking your burger. You can find recipes for both of these options below.

Cooking with Butter

Butter on the Bun

Why are people eating it?

As we’ve previously stated, low-carb diets have turned butter into something of a trend. Fats are in and sugars are out, so butter products are entirely on the rise. Outside of this movement, people are eating butter burgers simply because they love the taste!

How does it taste?

Butter tends to enrich and enhance the natural flavors of beef. When melted between the bun and patty, the end result is a melty, juicy delight that is hard not to love.

Should you have it on your menu?

If you serve burgers, the odds are you have a specific way of preparing them. But why not give butter a try? Innovation is the key to staying relevant. Who knows, you might end up creating a brand new burger that your customers love.

Create a Unique Burger 

Flavored/Craft Butters

What is it?

Flavored/Craft butter is butter that has been combined with specific ingredients to deliver a particular taste such as jalapeno, garlic herb, or lemon. A few years back, we saw brown butter become extremely popular, but now butter flavors of all sorts are popping up in restaurants and supermarkets across the country.

Why are people using it?

Chefs everywhere are recognizing what an incredible tool flavored butter can be for creating original and unique dishes. From simple dinner rolls to exquisite pasta, it is being used to enhance the flavors of all sorts of foods.

Should you use it in your restaurant?

Custom butter flavors allow you to provide your guests with a flavor they can’t get anywhere else. This not only differentiates you from the competition but gives your guests another reason to return to your restaurant. Whether you are interested in creating a butter to pair with your bread, a special butter flavor to be used as an ingredient in one of your dishes, or an original butter sauce or base, introducing a flavored/craft butter can help you enhance the overall experience your restaurant has to offer.

Create a Custom Flavor

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