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3 Secrets To A Memorable Catering Experience

Attention to detail is the first way to differentiate your catering “experience”.

Within the catering industry, exceeding your customers’ expectations is crucial for the success of your business. With the constant pressure to deliver delicious food, impeccable service, and a memorable experience, it can be a challenging task to stay ahead of the competition.

Whether you are a small catering company just starting out or a well-established business looking to stay ahead of the game, it’s important to constantly strive to improve and innovate in order to deliver an exceptional catering experience.

Here are 3 easy tips that will make your year’s events timeless, and one your guests will not forget.

1. Pay Attention To Every Detail.

If you haven’t already, ask your senior leadership, best customers and friends to share their impressions of their most recent catered experience. They will uncover gems of brilliance and pitfalls that can help you differentiate your own catering brand’s position and give you a fresh outlook.

Here is an easy one. While most caterers think of butter on the plates as an afterthought, make yours a point of difference. Shaped butters near your breads offer an easy trick for letting guests know you thought of everything.

Our shaped butters will complement any dish and elevate your catering experience

Butterball Farms built its brand on shaped butters, such as roses, medallions or butter balls. Our unique and beautiful shapes will set yourself apart from the rest and elevate your customer’s experience. From balls of premium European butters to shaped butters, the attention to detail by your catering business will impart a memory that you thought of everything.

Butterball Farms shaped butters are available through DOT Foods. If you have an immediate need or only want to order 1 case, you can also purchase their Premium Butter Balls and Roses Direct at www.butterballfarmsdirect.com

Want to try a free sample kit? Request yours today.

2. Plan Ahead & Streamline Team Communication

Customers who remember your attention to detail and the flavor of your food are your best ambassadors for new business. That begins with your pre-planning process and your food and beverage check list.

Will there be guests with food allergies? Should there be tasty foods for vegans? Is the guest looking for elegance or a regional flare to their menu and beverage menu? When you ask these kinds of questions you are well on your way toward a positive lasting impression.

Communicating what you’ve learned from your customer’s input with your chef or kitchen staff is key. Leveraging a shared communications platform for inputting timelines, pricing, and menu details are smart ways of assuring alignment. Make it the backbone of your planning process so that your senior team can live by the platform and not scribbled notes on a pad of paper.

3. Take Labor-Saving Short Cuts In Your Kitchen

Take the lead from today’s restaurant kitchens. They are reducing the time, training, and the number of employees to prepare meals by switching to prepared sauces from manufacturers.

Why waste time creating sauces from scratch when you can reach for a 32-ouce pouch that can be used as a “mother” sauce? Butterball Farms Quik-Creations® Butter Sauce quickly and easily transform ordinary ingredients into extraordinary culinary delights!

Simply add in your own spices, herbs, and other flavor ingredients to make desserts or center-of-the-plate menu items delicious, quickly and easily. The butter sauce base allows you to customize any sauce to complement your menu while reducing the time, training, and the number of employees to prepare meals. Available now at your local distributor.