ButterBall Farms Inc.

Burgers, Butter, and Buns!

All-In-One Chef

Chef Mark, aka The All-In-One Chef, has been cooking and catering for over nine years in the West Michigan area. His expertise in the kitchen has been enjoyed in the intimate dining setting as well as in the corporate food service environment. Mark’s specialties include smoked meats, grilling, one-pot meals, savory soups, and imaginative vegetable dishes.

We invite you to enjoy his latest grilling creation, using Creekside Creamery™ Bacon Pepper Jack Burger Butters™. 

“I was given an opportunity to try this new butter from Creekside Creamery called Burger Butters.  Do not let the name fool you….these butters would work on so much more than just a burger.  (I’ll get to that later….like another blog post going over all the ways one flavored butter can be used.)  The butters come in two flavors, Horseradish Blue Cheese and Bacon Pepper Jack.  Can you guess which one I tried?  Yes….I tried the Bacon Pepper Jack.  And??????  It was INCREDIBLE!  A wonderful creamy and a bit of a spicy kick to elevate my burgers.  One bite and I was Hooked!  The  flavor is extremely balanced.  Good bacon notes with the perfect amount of heat.”