ButterBall Farms Inc.

Butterball® Farms, Inc. Announces Promotions to Accelerate Growth Initiatives

Butterball® Farms, Inc. is proud to announce two promotions that will strategically position the company to thrive, serving its mission of “enrich lives” and delivering customer experience of “perfect every time.”  We have formed two divisions: Butterball Farms OE (Operational Excellence) and Butterball Farms RG (Rapid Growth).

Dave O’Hagan, Chief Operating Officer has been promoted to President, Butterball Farms OE.  Dave joined the company in 2014 and has provided strong leadership for the Operations team. In his new role, Dave will lead the OE division to continue delivering exceptional quality in products and service.

Craig Gustafson, VP of Sales and Marketing has been promoted to President, Butterball Farms RG.  Craig joined the company in 2018 and has provided strong leadership for the Sales and Marketing team.  Butterball Farms RG will focus on leveraging and expanding Butterball’s competencies for innovative new business opportunities and will be located on Monroe Ave in downtown Grand Rapids, in the offices of Custer Work Lab.

“Our decision to form two distinctive divisions marks a milestone in our strategic evolution. The OE company will continue our tradition of excellence our customers have come to expect.  The RG company will focus on acquiring new business, focusing on rapidly growing niche businesses, and striving to meet the demands of the ever-evolving needs of US consumers.  I am excited about the RG business creating a place to progressively test new ideas and investments and to be an influencer in the marketplace, while our OE business will continue to deliver at a high level of excellence for our valued customers. With this new and focused organizational structure, we will better drive decision making with velocity and push key initiatives to accelerate performance within each division.” says Mark Peters, CEO Butterball Farms.

Press Release – Butterball Farms announces promotions 1.29.2020