ButterBall Farms Inc.

Sustainability at Butterball® Farms, Inc.

Without a clean environment, there is no premium butter. At Butterball® Farms, Inc., we are motivated to operate our company in the most environmentally friendly way possible.

Through continuous improvement processes, we are committed to reducing our impact on the environment. We take conscious, intentional steps to minimize waste, improve packaging, and reduce utility consumption.

One of the ways we work to increase overall efficiency and save money is through improved management of our own carbon footprint. Every year we track our consumption of natural resources. We evaluate how much energy we have consumed, and then we set goals to lessen our waste stream for the next year. As technology advances, we continue to look for new methods to help us reduce our impact on the environment.

We practice pollution prevention by reducing the amount of materials we use. We focus on maximizing the product-to-package ratio, reusing containers, skids, and other in-process materials, and recycling paper, wood and other materials.

Our dedication is to a greener workplace. As we bring you quality premium butter products, we strive to develop, package, and transport these products in a sustainable way, improving our methods and creating a better future for our industry.