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Chefs Love Quik-Creations® Butter Sauce

We had the pleasure recently of a visit from Grand Rapids Community College Secchia Institute for Culinary Education Program Associate Professor Michael Whitman. Michael is a Certified Executive Chef by the American Culinary Federation as well as an Approved Certification Evaluator with the ACF.

Michael’s passion is food science and he evaluated our Quik-Creations® Butter Sauce Bases which can quickly and easily transform ordinary ingredients into extraordinary culinary delights. Michael demonstrated a cream of mushroom soup, mac & cheese and a chocolate ganache sauce. All made with Quik-Creations® Butter Sauce.

Michael talked about the features and benefits of Quik-Creations® Butter Sauce:

  • Speed-scratch
  • Consistency
  • Versatility
  • Break resistant – the sauce won’t breakdown under high heat
  • Holding ability

Speed-scratch cooking means using convenience, or ready-made products and adding a few fresh ingredients to personalize it and round out the meal and Quik-Creations® All Natural Butter Sauce Base will lend a fresh, buttery flavor to any dish.

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