ButterBall Farms Inc.

Chef Created. World Inspired. ™

The Butterball ® Farms Ingredients Group formulates butter flavors that are uniquely qualified to help you create delicious foods that consumers crave, and competitors cannot match. We can customize the perfect flavor profile for proteins, vegetables, and starches. How do we do this?

Flavor Innovation

Butter is a little bit magical. It has the potential to make anything better — from steak to asparagus to noodles. We take a special approach to creating custom butter/spreads and blend flavors. We combine the meticulousness of food science with the passion and imagination of the culinary arts to produce craveable flavors that your customers will love.


We take pride in sourcing premium dairy, herbs, and spices to produce flavored butters and sauces that greatly enhance the product’s perceived value — without greatly increasing your ingredient cost.

Production Expertise

We have made premium butter products from small test to scale for over sixty years by combining technological innovation, operational excellence, and an unwavering dedication to quality.  We advance our quality and food safety standards by implementing industry best practices and driving continuous improvement. We are BRC certified and use only Grade AA butter.

Butterball ® Farms is a Midwestern company with Midwestern values. We always act with integrity, in matters large and small. We work to make everything — our products, our processes, and even our communities — a bit better, every day. That might be why some of North America’s biggest and best-known retailers, restaurants, and manufacturers, have chosen butter products from Butterball® Farms.