ButterBall Farms Inc.

Ingredients for Many Applications

Butterball® Farms is the largest manufacturer of specialty butter products in the U.S. We are known for our extensive expertise in developing/producing specialized flavored butter, blends, butter sauces, glazes, gravies, sauces and spreads to the customer’s desired application and results. We can create ingredients for many applications such as Ready to Cook and Pre-Cooked Packaged Goods. We also make a finishing sauce for meat and seafood applications as well as a flavor enhancer for Food Manufacturers.

One of our most popular and successful products are Artisan Flavored Dollops that make a great glaze or sauce (Bechamel, BBQ, Creamy, and Scampi). Our butter sauce base is a superior ingredient for cooking at high heat (Break Resistant) which is great for soups.

Why should you choose us? We are innovative, with outside the box ideas, unique flavors and testing and scaling capabilities. Butterball® Farms does extensive development and we have the ability to provide formulas that will exceed your expectations. We also have the ability to test concepts with an eye towards scaling efficiently.

Many of our customers like our ability to produce small batch runs of 1,500 pounds (ideal for concept testing) to millions of pounds (as products reach full scale.)

Finally, Butterball® Farms always provides fresh products, that quickly go from farm to mouth is less than 45 days.

Reach out to us for a discussion on how we can meet your unique needs.