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Craveable, Labor-Saving Flavored Dollops Are Here

How do you maintain the traffic and sales of a historic 2020? By focusing on flavor and convenience for your customers. Butterball® Farms’ flavored dollops are a solution. From prepared meals and deliciously easy add-ons to your fresh meat, seafood, and deli departments, flavored dollops offer multiple applications.

Lucia Falek leads development and quality system efforts at Butterball Farms. “Yes, we’re the leading provider of custom butters for retailers, but we’re more than just butter. Our insights into how to properly match a flavor for a meal solution to make it distinct and craveable is really who we are. We work with the customer to understand how we can help create a unique flavor. Besides flavored dollops we can also craft spreads, sauces, marinades, cheeses, mayonnaise, toppings, and glazes. ”

Butterball Farms’ flavored dollops are pre-portioned to reduce labor and assure consistency. They hold their form better than sauce so that they don’t infringe on product quality. When heated by the consumer, the dollop melts evenly, imparting their intended flavor. Beyond custom butter dollops, the company has innovated gravy dollops, pesto dollops, cream cheese bundles for stuffed chicken breasts, and even a Rockefeller dollop incorporating chopped shallots and spices that melts perfectly atop an oyster.

Here are some of the innovative flavored dollops that are ready for retail. You can also ask Butterball Farms to custom craft one for your stores.

Joy Pellek, Director of Business Development for Butterball Farms, works with scores of top retailers to bring flavor forward to their store perimeters. “By using a flavor-infused butter or sauce dollop, retailers are easily upscaling poultry, meat, seafood, and prepared meals to make their offerings convenient and with a flavor consumers would typically find only on a restaurant menu.”

“We’ve seen a distinct uptick in interest among fresh seafood and prepared meal department heads. One of the great barriers for selling more fish is the consumer’s concern on how to prepare it. By adding a garlic herb or lemon dill butter dollop atop the fish, the hard work is done for the consumer who can easily have a restaurant-quality experience at their dinner table. It’s an ideal solution” says Falek. The dollops can be provided in bulk packaging for use in commissaries or individually wrapped so that the consumer can remove the wrapping before baking or heating the meal.

So, what are the 2021 opportunities for craveable flavors that will compete with restaurants now that the pandemic is subsiding? Falek says the pandemic caused consumers to look at foods for their functional benefit to boost immunity while remaining delicious. “Garlic, honey, pesto, cilantro and ginger are only a few of the clean label functional ingredients that our retailers are using in our dollops to impart wholesome goodness.”

Another big opportunity is the pairing of flavored butters with vegetables and grains, such as broccoli, cauliflower, green beans, sweet potatoes, quinoa, or rice. “There are so many ways that we can add upscale flavor on healthy vegetables or grains to make them stand out as a prepared side or within the deli,” says Falek.

Butterball Farms is a family-owned Michigan company

that has partnered with regional dairy farmers for more than 60 years to provide the freshest premium butters. Butter has been a cravable ingredient for centuries, and when a combination of other savory or citrusy flavors are added to a meal solution customers take notice and will pay more for the convenience.

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