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Honey + Butter? A Winner PC Is Ready To Roll.

Just the term “buttered” turns heads on a menu. Datassential says that “buttered” as a term on U.S. menus is up 12.4% just since 2017. Now, add the words “honey butter” to a menu and the number skyrockets to 39%! We are talking a cravable delight for operators and their patrons, and Butterball® Farms has just announced that 5 gram and 10-gram PCs are here to brighten up your drive-thru, take-out and dine-in menu.

The QSR segment was the most resilient during the pandemic and is emerging even stronger as America bounces back from 16 months of pandemic. New traffic data released last month by Datassential finds that QSR now garners nearly 50% of all commercial restaurant business compared to 47% in January 2020. Now is the time to continue your growth with menu innovations and cravable condiments to grow every daypart.

The QSR segment is dominant within the commercial sector as America recovers from COVID.

As breakfast rebounds from COVID it’s a great time for adding new, cravable items that turn up the flavor while saving time and labor. Made with farm fresh butter from Michigan dairy farmers and the flavor of real honey, Butterball Farms is bringing honey butter PCs to market just in time for the rush. Yet, these new PCs can serve you through every daypart.

Snacking is the fastest growing daypart as life returns to normal (+24%*), and honey butter is a perfect condiment for muffins, pastries, croissants, biscuits and even ham sliders.

86% of consumers prefer condiments to be in single-serve, factory-sealed PCs.


While life is more normal, remember that old habits remain in the minds of customers. Just a few months ago 86% of consumers preferred their condiments to be in single-serve, factory-sealed PCs**. Thus, these new honey butter PCs give customers the confidence to embrace PC items for many years ahead.

For operators with multiple locations and a growing brand, the honey butter PC story gets even better. With a quantity commitment, Butterball Farms will brand every PC with your own brand. Operators can also save money when they qualify for volume rebates. Contact a Butterball Farms representative to learn more, or request your free sample.

Some good examples of how QSR chains are leveraging honey butter on their menu.

For operators ordering sufficient annual quantities, a volume rebate is available. Contact a Butterball Farms representative to learn more, or request your free sample.