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It Boils Down To 3 Easy Tactics for Boosting Your Frozen & Refrigerated Sales In 2023

Competition among retailers and food manufacturers alike is expected to heat up in 2023 after a year when many categories within the frozen and refrigerated category were flat or down. Three easy tactics can be the secrets for differentiating product offerings and boosting sales during the year.

Of the Top 20 Frozen Subcategories, only 2 saw unit sales growth in the past year: fruit and breakfast entrees.


1. Adding Unique Craveworthy Flavors Easily

Proteins and vegetables can gain a craveworthy and unique boost in flavor with the use of flavored butter dollops. Butterball® Farms makes this easy. Being in the business for over 60 years and working with some of America’s largest brands, their all-in-one flavor solutions simplify the procurement process by combining multiple ingredients into one product. This helps food processor’s save on storage space and eliminates steps in the manufacturing process so that you can easily add flavor to your frozen or refrigerated foods that is unique to your brand and aligns with your manufacturing techniques.

“We have scores of retailers and food manufacturing customers who are using our dollops to add a premium flavor to their prepared meals or frozen items,” says Bonnie Beard, Butterball Farms’ Director of Marketing. “Our customers are amazed by the impact a few dollops can make in flavor. Our R&D Team is extremely resourceful in matching the desired flavor and form from .3 to 2 oz. dollops.”

A flavored butter dollop makes it easy and of greater value for this salmon prepared meal.

A flavored butter dollop makes it easy and of greater value for this salmon prepared meal.

Whatever flavor you can imagine, Butterball Farms can help. They have perfected the dollop technology which combines visual particulates of herbs, citrus and spices in the dollops that melt evenly when heated to impart the desired flavor in frozen or refrigerated foods.

Dollops can be provided in bulk as well as individually wrapped for inclusion in packaging. Additionally, their capabilities include being able to print information on the individual flow wrap such as logos, allergens, and nutritional information.

2. Make It Easy to Buy With Call-Outs On Packaging

There has been a significant increase in consumers who read the ingredient statements and call outs on packaging since the pandemic. Make it easy for them to choose your product.

Callouts on packaging with irresistible product images are the easiest way to engage today’s shoppers.

Callouts on packaging with irresistible product images are the easiest way to engage today’s shoppers.

According to the American Frozen Food Institute, consumers who rely heavily on frozen fruit and vegetables are much more likely to look for new items, especially from familiar brands, that offer callouts on the health benefits of the products. These core consumers, about 33% of the population, buy frozen fruits and vegetables every few days.

Bob Anderson, a retired Walmart executive, says offering larger packs of frozen meats, vegetables and potatoes are of interest to today’s shoppers. Making sure to highlight the savings these larger packs offer to off-set the higher ticket ring is key.

3. Convenience Is King In 2023

Ribeye Steak with Garlic Herb Butter

Back to work. Back to school. American families may have learned a lot about scratch cooking while sheltered during the pandemic, but in 2023, they are ready for convenience because they are busy again. That convenience, lack of waste and readily available in the freezer are keys for selling more in 2023.

Pre-flavored items for prepared meals take another step out of the preparation process for family meals. Flavored dollops are an easy addition to your items that makes an ordinary meal extraordinary.

From sauces to gravies or fillings and toppings, Butterball Farms’ flavor solutions can come in a variety of packaging options and are heat friendly whether it be in a microwave, instapot or commercial air fryer. Get your free sample of our dollops now (link to landing page).

Ready to create a custom flavor? Reach out to our team for your next flavor brainstorm. We look forward to hearing from you!