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Spin Up Trend-Forward Flavors With Your OWN Twist!

New Elote Dollops make the flavor of Street Corn easy.

Key to the success of a new product is to predict and act on consumer trends. Whether the focus is on an emerging flavor trend or a spin toward better for you, Butterball Farms actively pursues actionable trends ahead of inquiries from food processors. Here are just a few of the many opportunities to spin up a trending flavor with your own twist that we can support. Contact us to get started!

Elote Is a Super Star – What began on street corners in Spain and Mexico is now center stage. Up 85% on restaurant menus**, elote is America’s fastest-growing comfort food. Food manufacturers and meal kit assemblers can leverage Butterball Farms’ new Elote Dollops as a value-add to their products to easily increase sales. Enclosed in frozen bags of corn for microwaves, ovens, or instapots, elote flavor is now easily done with pre-portioned flavored dollops.

Gravy with Particulate – Gravies are both savory and craveable as a value-add to a product. The most recent innovation in gravies is the inclusion of particulates in country gravy using pieces of sausage. Pre-portioned dollops or medallions can be sized to your specs and can be inserted in biscuits for grab and go sandwich solutions for packaged goods or retail customers. The ability to offer small chunks of sausage within a country gravy is the essence of authenticity and the latest innovation opens the door to other applications beyond gravy such as pieces of bacon in a butter dollop or sundried tomato in a sauce.  The gravies can also be provided in tubs or portion-controlled cups.

Garlic Parmesan Beyond Italian Cuisine– An old faithful is a comfort flavor that goes beyond Italian. Snacks, breads, frozen pastas and vegetable products can all be accelerated to market with help from Butterball Farms.  

Find out more trend forward flavors that can accelerate your products to market, contact a Butterball Farms Sales Representative today.