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Value-Added Seafood Is Key For Seafood Manufacturers. Here’s The Easy Way.

Flavored medallions or dollops are an easy way to add value by seafood providers.

As a seafood provider, staying atop the trends is a must. The most significant trend is in value-added offerings to consumers. The impact of inflation on seafood consumption has manufacturers looking for solutions that can rebound the trend and help with sales growth.

In the Food Marketing Institute’s 2023 Power of Seafood Report, FMI found that 53% of consumers said they are either frequent (two or more times a week) or occasional (once a month to once a week) seafood consumers. These shoppers are important due to their spending size. Seafood consumers are typically more affluent and educated, spending more both in-store and online than non-seafood customers.

In the most recent report, supercenters, or discount stores (25%) and club stores (12%) became dominant as the primary seafood retailers. Retail frozen seafood sales surpassed fresh seafood in the past year as value and convenience were factors involving the trend.

Adding value to heat-and-eat prepared meals or fresh or frozen seafood is an important option in the balancing act between convenience and value. According to analytics firm 210 Analytics, use of the terms ‘marinated’ or ‘seasoned’ in the fresh seafood department can grow sales.   Among restaurants, the term ‘marinated’ tied to a seafood item on menus is up 17%* in just the past year as an example.

Using Butterball® Farms flavored dollops or medallions can be the easy solution for adding value to fresh and frozen seafood products. Whether your product needs to be microwaved, boiled in a bag, cooked in an air fryer, Instapot or conventional oven, the dollops or medallions will melt perfectly atop the seafood infusing craveworthy flavor your customers will want more of.

Flavor is not the only reason seafood manufacturers love Butterball Farms. Adding our dollops to your fresh or frozen seafood assures consistency across all your products saving you time and labor.  

Butterball Farms Flavored Dollops combine flavors with premium butter to melt perfect atop seafood. Offered in bulk or individually wrapped.
Butterball Farms Flavored Dollops combine flavors with premium butter to melt perfect atop seafood. Offered in bulk or individually wrapped.

Frozen and fresh seafood processors can include dollops in packaging for a supermarket freezer case. The dollops can either be placed with the seafood in the packaging, or individually wrapped and placed atop the seafood by the consumer when they are ready to eat. There are a variety of packaging options available so that you can easily include the value-add to your manufacturing process.

Seafood manufacturers love dollops because they require minimal effort to incorporate into the manufacturing process.

Butterball Farms offers a wide variety of existing dollop flavor combinations, or they can custom craft flavor combinations to complement a particular species or intended flavor. The flavor possibilities are endless with Butterball Farms.

These insights are an example of how Butterball Farms is providing easy, labor-saving solutions with a watchful eye on the latest trends affecting seafood, and other industries. Explore the many ways Butterball Farms offers a spectrum of solutions or contact a Butterball Farms representative to learn more.

*Datassential, May 2023