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Blackened Cajun Compound Butter Dollops

Butterball Butter: Bulk Butter for America’s Biggest Brands  

It’s no secret that Louisiana boasts some of the most unique flavors America has to offer. With this Cajun compound butter, you can bring a piece of the Southern food experience to your customers. Learn more about our Blackened Cajun compound butter dollops and how they elevate every meal they touch.

Pairs Great With

  • Beef
  • Chicken
  • Seafood

Suggested Use

  • Finishing Butter
  • Food Manufacturing
  • Food Prep in Restaurants

About Blackened Compound Butter Dollops from Butterball® Farms

Size, Storage, and More

Butterball® Farms pre-portioned blackened cajun dollops are creamy, pre-portioned butter morsels perfect for elevating flavor in your pre-packed food, prepared meals, or menus. Easily add some spice and delectability to your pasta, shrimp, chicken, and more! 

Although typically offered in a 0.5-ounce portion, we are a custom flavor solutions company that delights in creating unique and delicious flavors for our customers. We will work with you to create the right portion size for your application needs, whether it’s pre-portioned dollops or bulk tubs. 

Need pre-portioned butter dollops individually wrapped? No problem. We’ve got you covered. Printing is also available on individual wrapping – think your logo, allergen, or ingredient statements. 

Blackened Cajun compound butter has a shelf life of 210 days and should be kept frozen, making it easy to store. 

Craveworthy Flavor Profile

Our blackened Cajun compound butter combines just the right amount of sassy heat and earthiness with the rich, savory taste of our high-quality butter. As with all our compound butter flavors, we start with a base of fresh, high-quality sweet cream. This gives it a delicate, creamy foundation that makes the perfect canvas for the salty-savory heat that follows.

This signature seasoned butter features a delightfully smoky heat from cayenne and paprika, punctuated with the sharp, tangy flavor of Dijon mustard. Rounding out the flavor with an earthy, herbaceous undertone are multiple spices like onion powder, oregano, and thyme.

This spicy compound butter is as versatile and diverse as the state from which it came, pairing with your brand’s seafood, meat, rice, and vegetable dishes with ease.

How to Use This Blackened Cajun Compound Butter

Give Your Restaurant Customers a Taste of Louisiana-Inspired Flavor

Cajun seasoning has been a staple in Louisiana restaurants and kitchens for hundreds of years, and now it’s easier than ever to bring to your menu. The decadently spicy-savory heat of our Cajun blackened butter is just as much at home with fish fillets and shellfish boils as it is on steak and poultry dishes. The heat and vinegar-based elements cut through the proteins in meat for a craveable flavor journey.

However, meat dishes aren’t the only place to use our blackened Cajun compound butter. It’s just as much at home in Cajun-style brown jambalaya and pasta dishes, making it an even bigger staple on your menu.

Even more, choosing compound butter from Butterball Farms saves your restaurant’s back-of-house teams time and labor. Where your chefs would normally have to spend hours each week making compound butter from scratch before lunch or dinner service, using our prepared compound butter allows them to get right to cooking within minutes.

In turn, this not only saves your team time and labor but also gives them a more consistent result when they’re preparing your restaurant’s signature dishes. Since they won’t have to worry about getting the exact measurements correct in your compound butter, they’ll be able to send out high-quality dishes every time.

Make Your Packaged Seafood and Poultry Entrees a Full Experience

For food manufacturers, breaking new ground with flavors and recipes for seafood and poultry dishes is easier than ever with blackened Cajun butter. The heat adds a new twist to classic heat-and-eat or frozen chicken meals.

Even more, as grocery store customers continue to look for new ways to make the fun of a classic seafood boil easier and more creative, our blackened Cajun butter offers them an easier way to dip, dunk, and dress each shrimp, crawdad, and piece of potato in style.

Add a Unique Experience to Your Meal Kits

Meal kit services need to offer new and unique experiences for their customers if they want to maintain their retention rates. Offering meals featuring luscious Louisiana Cajun butter is a great way to appeal to customers with a variety of different dish options. With this special compound butter, you can allow them to make anything from Cajun-style vegetable side dishes to entire servings of Cajun-style brown jambalaya.

Even more, because you’re supplying them with pre-proportioned compound butter, they won’t have to worry about making it themselves while they’re following your meal instructions. Simply toss our pre-proportioned butter dollops into your meal kit and let your customers delight in a craveworthy, unique experience. This saves both your staff and your customers time. It also reduces the margin of error in your dishes to make your manufacturing process that much easier. 

Order Blackened Cajun Compound Butter Today!

At Butterball Farms, we believe butter makes every dish better. If you’re looking to find practically any kind of flavored butter wholesale, we have you covered. To order blackened Cajun compound butter, find a distributor near you or contact us today to talk about crafting a custom order for you