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Butter Dollops

Savory Bacon Compound Butter Dollops in Bulk

Bacon makes everything taste better. While that’s hardly a secret to anyone, our Savory Bacon compound butter brings that unforgettable flavor to your customers. Learn how this savory flavor keeps your customers coming back for more.

About Butterball® Farms’ Savory Bacon Butter Dollops

Servings and Storage Information

Butterball Farms’ pre-portioned savory bacon butter dollops are rich, pre-portioned morsels perfect for adding a deep element to your pre-packaged food, prepared meals, or restaurant menu. Add unforgettable savory punch to your steak, seafood, pasta, garlic bread, and vegetable dishes!

Although we typically offer our wholesale flavored butter pats in 0.5-ounce portions, we’re proud to offer custom portion sizes for your needs, whether it’s in dollops or bulk tubs.

Need us to wrap your butter dollops? No problem. We can do that, too. We also offer the option of printing logos, allergens, or ingredient statements on your individually wrapped butter portions.

Savory bacon compound butter has a shelf life of 210 days and should be kept frozen, making it easy to store.

Craveworthy Flavor Profile

Our savory bacon compound butter combines all the spices and seasonings that go into a smoky, savory slice of everyone’s favorite pork product for a mirror image of the taste of bacon—all in a format that is easy to process and use!

Like all our gourmet compound butter flavors, we start with a base of fresh, high-quality sweet cream. This gives it a delicate, creamy foundation for the symphony of bacon flavors that follow. From there, we combine savory notes like garlic, chives, and onions with a bit of heat from chili peppers and cayenne to give it the same familiar warmth and salty-sweetness of a slice of cured bacon. This signature flavor offers a sweet, savory smokiness with a hint of fresh herbs.

How to Use This Bacon-Flavored Butter

Make Steak-Based Meal Kits Sing

You’ve heard of peanut butter and jelly or macaroni and cheese—steak and bacon-flavored butter are just as iconic of a pairing. The smokiness and heat from our savory bacon butter elevate steaks in a whole new way that makes them taste even more decadent and will have your customers ordering more and more.

Even more, because you’re supplying your customers with pre-proportioned compound butter, they won’t have to worry about the effort and hassle that goes into making it themselves while following the instructions for your meal kit. Simply toss our pre-proportioned butter dollops into your meal kit’s packaging and let your customers delight in a craveworthy, unique experience.

This saves both your staff and your customers time. It also reduces the margin of error in your dishes to make your manufacturing process that much easier.

Elevate Your Restaurant’s Pasta and Vegetable Dishes

Bacon is a natural pairing with multiple types of vegetable and pasta dishes. Using our savory bacon-flavored butter as a topper or roasting pair for everything from asparagus to Brussels sprouts gives your high-end appetizers additional staying power.

You can also use it as a finishing butter for your pasta dishes, adding extra flavor to everything from penne primavera to Amatriciana-inspired spaghetti.

Keep Customers Coming Back for Seafood Heat-and-Eat Meals

Food manufacturers and their grocery store partners can use our Savory Bacon compound butter to make their pre-packaged and heat-and-eat meals stand out from the crowd. Pan-fried shrimp and scallop dishes are natural pairings with bacon-flavored butter that never fail to disappoint.

Supermarket customers will love the combination of gourmet experiences and easy preparation from these fresh heat-and-eat meals. Make them a mainstay for customers all year long!

Get Samples of Your Bacon-Flavored Butter Pats Today!

Butter makes every dish even better. We love working with new customers to craft a custom flavored butter that is right for their business. Whether you are looking for a savory bacon butter dollop with actual bits of bacon or a dollop with spices that mimic the unforgettable taste of bacon, we got you covered. Contact us today to talk about crafting a flavored butter for you or how to place an order.