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6 Foodservice Trends That Can Drive Growth

Fast FoodForward-thinking operators know the importance of understanding foodservice trends. But the real value — the point where information and profitability intersect — is the ability to leverage the intelligence to make a difference in sales.

  1. Value Plus: Customers want meals that provide a good value, and 58% of people say that value is an important influence in deciding where they go and what to order.
  2. Evolution of Healthy Choices: More customers today are interested in holistic health, and their food and beverage purchase follow the desire for wellness.
  3. Flexibility and Discovery: Customers want barrier-free dining, greater control, and more flavor choices.
  4. Hyper Convenience: Busy lives mean plenty of on-the-go dining, and guests demand convenient meal and beverage solutions.
  5. Digitization: There no doubt that technology is transforming customer expectations, but it also changing operations and the end-to-end guest experience.
  6. Brand Authenticity: Customers want to support brands that are authentic in their values and identity.