ButterBall Farms Inc.

Making Condiments Count (And Butter, Too!)

Condiments offer comforting familiarity with the potential to carry huge flavor impact. Things like pesto mayo, though, are not enough. We even need to peer around the corner beyond Sriracha-spiked ketchup. What’s next? So what is the secret sauce in craveability? At Butterball® Farms, we can easily translate these trends to our butter and our own sauces and blends. After all, butter, which is similar to a condiment as it is a perfect flavor carrier, is also a staple in many dishes!

  1. It Starts with Simplicity: Most of the condiments that offer the biggest gateway to menu distinction are already in the pantry.
  2. It Results in Complexity: The whole point here is about building flavor. It’s the new expectation, being made mainstream through modern fast-casual concepts like Sweetgreen, which uses condiments to raise the bar on its offerings.
  3. Tap into Veg-Centricity: The veg-centric trend, where vegetables are the star, with heaps of attention devoted to building up their flavor, translates beautifully into this condiment strategy.
  4. The Heat is On: America’s love affair with heat still burns bright. Part of moving through the trend cycle at a faster rate calls for finding “new” chile peppers and hot sauces, along with new flavor partners that can balance with savory, sweet or bitter.
Reference Article Via Flavor & The Menu