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Compound Butter for Steak: Elevate Meal Kits

Steak: It’s what happens when you want to take what’s for dinner and elevate it even more. But, what if you could take that decadence even further in your meal kits?

The best way to do that is with compound butter.

Including compound butter for steaks, salmon, and other premium products in your meal kits adds an extra level to your customer’s experience when they use your product. Find out what you should look for in a wholesale butter supplier, and how Butterball® Farms allows you to customize your product’s butter in bulk.

steak with butter

Why Choose Our Compound Butter for Packaged Meals?

For food manufacturers and meal kit companies in particular, innovation is just as important as fitting ingredients into their current process when sourcing for their packaged products and meal kits. Staying on the cutting edge of flavor can often be the deciding factor in whether someone becomes your customer or chooses your competitor’s meal kit services instead.

However, basic pricing should only be part of the equation when choosing a wholesale butter supplier. Here are some other critical factors to consider as a purchasing agent:


Quality is something your customers will notice with all five senses when they use your meal kit to prepare dinner. As tempting as it may be to go with the cheapest wholesale butter options when you’re in the market for suppliers, your customers will also notice if the butter in their meal tastes like the cheapest option.

When you’re in the market for buying butter wholesale, see if your suppliers lists their ingredients. Check their credentials, and make sure they get solid ratings with the BRC and other industry standards.

The more transparent they are when you ask about this information, the better.

To take the process another step further, order a sample before you buy butter in bulk—if you don’t like what you taste, there is a reasonable chance your meal kit subscribers won’t, either.


When it comes to compound butter for steaks in a meal kit, the greatest value you can add is not only your employees saving time, but also your customer’s willingness to keep ordering your steak meal kits.

Having a supplier with the compound butter ready to package with your steak meal kits can save your team countless hours of time and labor that they would otherwise spend making the butter on-site. As customer demand and quotas continue to increase, having custom, ready-made ingredients becomes more and more essential.


Flavor is not only a top indicator of quality in a good compound butter for steak, but a good sign of the meal kit company’s dedication to the customer’s experience. 

Top-quality wholesale butter will taste smooth, rich, and flavorful even before adding the herbs or seasonings that make it compound butter. The product itself should be noticeably yellow inside and out and have a delicate, pleasant flavor. Certain types of butter—such as European-style butter—will have higher levels of butter fat. 

A good quality indicator is a butter fat content greater than 80 percent. This figure is a baseline—the U.S. Department of Agriculture considers any lower percentage beneath its standard guidelines for butter. Higher percentages, however, tend to mean a richer, creamier taste for your customer to enjoy.

In addition, customization can mean the difference between having a memorable product for your customers and being passed over in favor of your competitors. When looking for a wholesale butter supplier, check to see if they’re willing to work with you on providing custom flavors for your customers.

Uses for Compound Butter in Packaged Meals

For consumer packaged goods providers, adding compound butter is a fantastic way to take your product’s quality to a new level. Adding compound butter to premium meal kits featuring steak, salmon, lobster, or other big-ticket items can help your customer’s dinner feel more complete and of higher quality than standard services.

Compound butter is typically provided frozen, meaning it already packages well with vegetables and animal proteins in your products. It also saves both your employees and your customers time when they’re preparing the meals in your shop or at their homes, respectively.

Our Most Popular Compound Butter Flavors for Steak

If you need to buy butter in bulk for your business, Butterball Farms offers a massive variety of flavored compound butter for steaks, both in bulk and individually wrapped with your branding, ingredients, and allergen information. These are far from the only flavors we offer, but they have been shown to work beautifully with red meat in meal kits.

Steak House

Crafted to evoke the classic butter topping you would find on the finest cuts at your favorite steakhouse, the Steak House compound butter flavor is perfectly blended to pair with beef and potatoes.

This classic quick frozen butter is packed with the flavors of garlic and shallots. It’s a match made in heaven with steak-based meal kits.

Garlic Herb

This wholesale flavored butter is a culinary jack of all trades, pairing as beautifully with rice and vegetables as it does with choice cuts of steak. With a profile including garlic, wine, lemon, and shallot, our Garlic Herb butter is a phenomenal addition to any of your brand’s packaged goods.


A perfect baseline finishing butter for everything from steaks to pasta, our Salted butter dollops are an excellent addition to your meal kit packages. Buying high-quality wholesale butter makes it easier to add it as an extra touch that your customers can use for their next big dinner.

Horseradish & Blue Cheese

For those seeking a steak pairing that packs a powerful punch, our Horseradish & Blue Cheese butter was designed with grilling in mind. These 0.40-oz wholesale butter dollops are robust and flavorful, cutting through even the most savory cuts of steak you might include in your meal kit’s ingredients.

Bacon Shallot

For those who see a tenderloin steak and want to make it taste even richer, our Bacon Shallot compound butter will make your meal kit seem fit for royalty.

As with any of our wholesale compound butter flavors, the bacon shallot butter is available in bulk dollops or medallions and can be white-labeled to match your product’s branding during the meal kit production process.

Customize and Elevate Your Compound Butter Today!

At Butterball Farms, we don’t just accept customization from our customers—we encourage it. Connect with us about your custom-flavored butter needs, and we’ll work with you to make your vision a craveworthy reality.