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Garlic Compound Butter: A Game-Changer for Your Business

Garlic compound butter is spreadable, versatile, and packed with rich, savory flavor. Butterball® Farms offers flavor-packed, pre-mixed garlic compound butter for manufacturers, restaurants, meal kit companies, retailers, and more. Learn about the many ways our perfectly balanced compound butter can bring creamy, buttery, unforgettable flavor to your food.

What Is Compound Butter?

Compound butter is a delectably delicious spread composed of softened butter and flavorful mix-ins, including herbs, spices, fruits, vegetables, nuts, and sweeteners, like honey or maple syrup. Also known as finishing butter, compound butter is an easy way to enhance a wide range of both savory and sweet dishes. 

Compound butter from Butterball Farms is incredibly delicious as a result of our high-quality ingredients and our expert balance of flavor. We can create compound butters your customers crave and rave about.

Uses for Garlic Compound Butter

Ready-made compound butter is a quick and easy way to add creamy complexity to any dish. There are a wide variety of applications for garlic compound butter.

steak with butter

Garlic Compound Butter for Steaks

While steak is a dish that is delicious on its own, garlic compound butter alters the flavor profile to create an even richer taste. Collaborate with Butterball to concoct a garlic compound butter that suits your preferred cut of steak best. Add in herbs like thyme or parsley to add a fresh herb-y element to your steak dish, or consider other flavoring agents like lemon juice, black pepper, or even cognac.

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Garlic Compound Butter for Seafood

Seafood like crab and lobster are the perfect vessels for bold, buttery goodness. A garlic compound butter, complete with herbs like basil, chives, or tarragon, is delicious when dolloped on top of a steaming seafood platter or when used as a softened dipping sauce.

Garlic Compound Butter for Bread

Warm bread is a tableside staple that can only be enhanced with everyone’s favorite spread: butter. Take it a step further with butter’s fancier counterpart—garlic compound butter. This sharp, savory topping turns a simple, predictable appetizer into a delightful dish.

Garlic Compound Butter for Vegetables

An easy way to spice up simple veggies is by popping a dollop of butter on top before roasting, baking, or grilling. Our garlic compound butter blends will get even the most loyal of carnivores asking for seconds of boldly-flavored vegetables. Add Butterball’s premade compound butter to everything from carrots to asparagus to mashed potatoes for an upscale taste that took your team no time to make.

Benefits of Premade Garlic Compound Butter

Whatever sector of the food industry you’re in, you’ll find that working with Butterball to create high-quality, premade compound butters is advantageous to your kitchen staff because of its:

  • Ease of use: Having premade butter on hand makes creating delicious dishes quick and efficient. It’s incredibly easy to place a dollop of finishing butter on a dish just as it’s ready for service, providing a layer of melty, buttery flavor—butter really does make everything taste better.
  • Reduction in prep time: Compound butter can be time-consuming to create. Not only do you need to purchase a variety of ingredients, but you also need to spend time concocting the perfect blend, mixing, chopping, rolling, chilling, and taste-testing. Busy kitchens don’t have time for this, which is where we come in. With premade butter, all you need to do is add it to your dish.
  • Consistent flavor profile: When creating compound butter from scratch on a regular basis, you run the risk of altering the ratio of ingredients in a way that negatively impacts the flavor profile of your dishes. Purchasing premade compound butter in bulk quantities ensures your food tastes the same with every preparation, allowing you to maintain the highest level of quality and precise customer service that your customers expect.
  • Less product waste: Ordering premade compound butter from Butterball eliminates ingredient waste. With our ready-made products, you’re getting an exact portion of perfectly balanced, buttery goodness. We offer tubs as well as  pre-portioned options, like dollops and medallions.
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Custom Garlic Compound Butter for Your Industry


No matter what you’re serving, garlic compound butter can help your kitchen create memorable flavors that guests associate with your establishment. Once you see how many dishes can benefit from Butterball’s garlic compound butter, it will become a staple of your menu—and a flavor your customers return to experience.


Catering is all about creating impressive culinary concoctions quickly. The bold flavor profile and rich mouth quality that garlic compound butter provides makes it an easy answer to those wanting to efficiently enhance meals. Those enjoying your cuisine will be referring your business to others when they remember the high-quality, flavor-packed plates you’ve delivered, and it’s easier to do than ever with the help of Butterball.

Consumer Packaged Goods

Your meal kit customers enjoy your products because they make whipping up weeknight dishes quick. With garlic compound butter, you can keep the prep time down for your customer without sacrificing fantastic flavor. 

Garlic compound butter can be altered to fit whatever dish you’ve got on the drawing board, whether proteins, vegetables, or pastas. Our pre-portioned, individually wrapped garlic compound butter dollops are perfect for adding into a packaged good product.


Once they taste your custom garlic compound butter blend, your retail customers will return again and again. Our culinary team can aid you in creating a butter product as bold or subtle as you’d like, featuring unique balances of herbs and spices that set your product apart from competitors. Add value to your fresh seafood or meat or in ready-to-go-meals at the counter.

Customize Your Compound Butter

Create the exact product you desire with Butterball, whether you’re looking for a garlic herb compound butter, roasted garlic compound butter, lemon garlic compound butter, or another combination your chef has been wanting to add to the menu. Our recipes can be tweaked to suit your specific needs.

  • Reach out to Butterball: First, send us a message to let us know you’re interested in ordering a custom compound butter. We’ll chat about your needs and get you in touch with our talented culinary team.
  • Discuss flavor combinations: Our expert food scientists will take your ideas and elaborate on them, creating a mouthwatering game plan. 
  • Utilize research & development: With our top-tier development team, we go the extra mile to make your garlic compound butter the most creamy, craveable topping on the market.
  • Receive a sample: Once your compound butter is made, we will send you a sample to guarantee that the flavor combination and balance are perfect for your purposes.
  • Place an order: After you’ve sent us the seal of approval on your marinade, it’s time to send in the order. We offer bulk quantities, so you’ll never run out of your custom product during a busy season.

Buy Garlic Compound Butter Today

At Butterball Farms, we’re committed to providing an unmatched experience, when it comes to both flavor and customer service. By ordering a Butterball custom compound butter, you’re providing your customers with phenomenal flavors.  Send us a message today to order a custom garlic compound butter.