ButterBall Farms Inc.

One Easy Way to Elevate Dining for Residents

Offering a memorable dining experience can set your operation apart from the rest in senior dining. One easy way to do so is by switching from your ordinary pats of butter to Butterball® Butter Premium Balls®.

Made from only farm-fresh cream and 82% butter fat, these Premium Balls have a smooth, creamy texture and a pleasing butter taste.  Easy to spread across breakfast pastries, pancakes, or waffles and on breads or vegetables during any meal.

Imagine the wow factor of serving these beautiful Premium Balls in an elegant ramekin or plate next to bread or pastries for a regular meal. An attention to detail such as this tells residents that you think of everything, showing them you really care.

Beyond the obvious upscaling of what is considered an ordinary part of a meal, these Premium Balls also eliminate the fumbling and mess of opening pre-wrapped butter pats by sometimes arthritic fingers.

Premium Balls make an instant and positive impression wherever they go on the plate.
Premium Balls make an instant and positive impression wherever they go on the plate.

For cooking, serving, or carving stations, the Premium Balls make a memorable experience and are an easy conversation starter for your residents. In addition, chefs use them in sauces, gravies, and other applications because of the convenience, freshness, and premium quality.  Each Premium Ball equals a quarter of an ounce so drop in four, and you have an ounce of delicious butter melting in moments, saving time and labor compared to measuring butters while cooking.

Delivered frozen, these all-natural balls thaw out in minutes and are ready-to-serve. Butterball Farms Premium Balls are packaged in a resealable, gusseted, three-pound bag making them easy to pour and store.

You can order these extraordinary Premium Balls via DOT Foods, or locate your local distributor. If you would like to sample some Premium Balls and other premium butter shapes, Butterball Farms is happy to provide them to you. Request your free samples now.