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Add a Custom Garlic Herb Butter Blend to Your Menu

Creating delicious, premium butter is what we’re all about at Butterball® Farms. We specialize in high-quality, craveworthy butter products, like savory garlic herb butter, that add flavorful flair to all kinds of dishes. Whether you’re whipping up a buffet for a big event, prepping in the kitchen for the busy evening rush, or assembling meal plans to be shipped out to subscribers, our custom butter blends can transform any dish from dull to utterly delicious.

Create Boldly Flavored Butter with Butterball Farms 

We know you’re busy running a business, so we’ve made creating the perfectly balanced garlic herb butter blend as simple as possible. After you contact our team, you’ll collaborate with our expert culinary staff, who will discuss everything from flavor profiles to your application and quantity needs, before sending you samples of your customized butter concoction. Then, you can place a full order to have on hand when you need to add some savory, creamy, garlicky goodness to a dish.

The Best Wholesale Butter

Butterball Farms is proud to be a top supplier of flavored wholesale butter. Our use of fresh ingredients and our dedication to creating craveable custom butter blends for each of our customers is the foundation of our business. The unique flavor profiles Butterball offers impress the most refined palates, helping you become a fan favorite of your customers. After all, who can resist rich, boldly flavored butter? Our wholesale butter is also conveniently packaged, coming in a variety of pre-portioned options. 

Garlic Herb Butter Complements Many Dishes

Garlic herb butter is an incredibly versatile spread. Whatever kind of cuisine you’re cooking up, there is undoubtedly a dish on your menu that can be improved with the addition of a high-quality, herbaceous garlic butter.

Garlic Compound Butter for Bread

The beginning and ending of a meal are arguably the most important moments for your guest. While fresh, warm bread is a staple starter that gets everyone excited, the experience can be enhanced into a mouthwatering, memorable one with the right accouterments. Think butter—flavored butter, to be exact. A garlicky butter spread takes an otherwise bland piece of bread and turns it into a flavor-packed first course, warmly welcoming the diner to their dinner service. 

Our butter blends make the process of preparing garlic bread extremely efficient. No need to chop herbs or spend time mixing to get the right ratio—Butterball’s got you (and your bread) covered.   


Garlic Butter Sauce for Pasta

When it comes to serving up a sauce so flavorful it stops the dinner table conversation, garlic powder and dried herbs won’t cut it. You and your customer will absolutely taste the difference freshly chopped garlic makes in a bold, rich sauce that soaks into your noodle of choice. Whether you’re whipping up a plate of creamy fettuccine, a hearty dish of stuffed shells, or a simple but scrumptious spaghetti, garlic butter makes every bite better. 

Garlic Butter for Chicken

There is no faster way to disrupt the deliciousness of an otherwise incredible meal than with dry chicken. Inject flavor that lends itself to creating a juicy bite with a zesty, garlicky butter blend. Garlic herb butter can be used to create a sauce or marinade that takes chicken from boring to bold. 


Garlic Butter Spread for Seafood

In our eyes (or rather, stomachs?), crab, lobster, shrimp, and fish are vehicles for butter, butter, and more butter. With Butterball Farms, create a spread of high-quality garlic butter that enhances any and all kinds of seafood without overpowering its natural flavor.

The Benefits of Pre-Mixed Butter Blends

When you utilize a pre-made butter blend in your meals, it doesn’t mean you’re losing control over your product. It ensures you’re getting exactly what you want: a consistent flavor profile every time, and other perks, including:

  • Shorter prep time: Whether you’re in the kitchen or on the assembly line, take some work off your plate with pre-made flavored butter spreads, which allow you to instantly impart flavor without having to make from scratch. 
  • Reduced labor: With Butterball, create custom butter products for less. Our butter blends can combine a mixture of high-quality margarine, oil, or butter to get a time-saving spread that doesn’t skimp on flavor.
  • Reduced food waste: When you order a pre-made butter spread from Butterball, you’re getting an exact portion of perfectly balanced, buttery goodness. We do tubs or pre-portioned options, like dollops and medallions.

Custom Garlic Herb Butter Blend for Your Industry

No matter if you are the head chef at a bustling kitchen, own a catering business, or use butter for meal kits, prepared meals, or fresh or frozen products, you’ll find benefit in creating a custom garlic herb butter blend with Butterball Farms.

Garlic Herb Butter for Restaurants

Guests remember and return for big, bold flavors—deliver those in a buttery blend from Butterball. With a flavor profile that lends itself to so many cuisines and dishes, your custom garlic herb butter will be one of the most used products in your restaurant.

Garlic Herb Butter for Caterers

Creating a smooth and memorable catered dining experience for cherished life events is made easier with pre-made products. With Butterball, get the efficiency of a bulk pre-made butter without skimping on flavor.

Garlic Herb Butter for Consumer Packaged Goods

Consumers are always searching for a quick weeknight meal that is as delicious as it is simple to prepare. With a custom garlic herb butter blend, you can easily add big flavors to proteins, vegetables, and pastas in consumer packaged goods. Our pre-portioned, individually wrapped garlic herb butter is perfect for throwing into a packaged good.

Garlic Herb Butter for Retailers

Secure your retail customers’ sales and satisfaction with a garlic butter blend unlike any other. With our culinary team, create a butter product as bold or subtle as you’d like. Add value to your fresh seafood or meat or in ready-to-go-meals at the counter.

Order Garlic Butter in Bulk

Garlic butter is always good, but custom garlic herb butter from Butterball Farms is unbeatable. Send us a message today to start the process of creating the best butter blend for your business.