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Using Custom Premade Marinades in Commercial Kitchens

Marinades can make or break a meal—a complex marinade works to both tenderize proteins and impart bold flavors that customers will return to order again and again. Butterball® Farms offers a multitude of marinades made with premium, fresh ingredients, helping commercial kitchen chefs create memorable cuisine more quickly and efficiently. Our custom marinades are used by professionals in multiple industries, including but not limited to:

  • Restaurants: Whether you’re preparing seafood, chicken, beef, pork, or lamb, a stellar marinade can determine the overall success of your dish, leading to rave reviews and repeat guests. 
  • Catering companies and country clubs: Catering companies have a plethora of ingredients to purchase and pack for each event. Reduce the amount of product you’re in charge of preparing and the labor needed to prepared it with a premade, high-quality marinade that helps you create craveable cuisine quickly.
  • Consumer packaged goods: In a world of competing meal kit companies, it’s necessary to diversify when it comes to delivering delicious dishes. Stand out from the crowd with uniquely flavored marinades. With Butterball, you can create portion sizes that fit your kit, allowing customers to add the exact amount of marinade your chefs suggest.

Customize Marinades for Every Meal

We care about elevating cuisine at every step. The culinary experts at Butterball understand the fine balance of acidity, fat, sweetness, saltiness, and spiciness that goes into creating a craveworthy marinade. Some of our most popular flavors include:

  • Teriyaki: Tasty and tangy, teriyaki is both sweet and sour from its simple mixture of soy sauce, mirin, sugar, and sake. This versatile marinade pairs well with chicken, pork, steak, salmon, and vegetables.
  • Lemon and rosemary: The bright, aromatic combination of lemon and rosemary complements everything from lamb to potatoes.
  • Pineapple: For a tropical take on chicken or pork, a pineapple-based marinade is a sure winner.
  • Jamaican marinade: For a spicy and sweet marinade, Jamaican flavors including brown sugar and Scotch bonnet peppers can’t be beat.
  • Balsamic and garlic: This classic mix is rich and tart in taste and is delicious with almost any protein or vegetable.

In addition to the flavors above, we get excited about collaborating with customers to create unique flavor profiles of all kinds. Whatever interests your palate, we’re ready to bring it to the table.

Butterball Farms Wholesale Marinades Glazes and Gravies
Sesame Teriyaki Chicken

Premade Marinades Make Sense

No matter if you’re working in your local area’s favorite chain restaurant, creating unforgettable dining experiences with your catering company, or concocting meals for consumers to order, there is an endless list of tasks to tend to. Take the hassle of preparing and perfecting marinades off your plate—there are many benefits to using premade marinades in a busy commercial kitchen.

Reduce Prep Time

Every commercial kitchen has a seemingly never-ending list of tedious tasks that take tons of time. In creating your own marinade, you’d need to gather the ingredients, chop, measure, mix, taste, and alter accordingly—who has time for that when there are so many more important tasks to be completed? Utilizing a premade marinade from Butterball reduces preparation time, keeping everyone in your kitchen calmer and more focused on tasks that truly help you deliver an exceptional dining experience. 

Ensure Flavor Consistency

When you attempt to create the same marinade for each dinner service, you run the risk of altering the flavor profile or the fine balance of acid. In a marinade, this can directly affect the final taste of your protein as well as how tender it is. Established guests will undoubtedly taste the difference. Premade marinades ensure dishes taste the same with every preparation, helping you maintain the highest level of quality and customer service that your guests expect.

Create Custom Marinades with Butterball

Butterball is the top supplier of custom marinades—whatever you’re cooking, we’ve got you covered. 

Ready-Made Chicken Marinade

The key to a phenomenal chicken dish is moisture. An acidic marinade allows flavors like balsamic, soy, or ginger to soak into the meat, leaving you with an unbelievably juicy bite that customers will be raving about. With Butterball’s custom marinades, there will be no dull, dry chicken dishes coming out of your kitchen.

Ready-Made Steak Marinade

Depending on the cut, steak can be quite tough and require a few hours of marinating for the fibers to break down and become tender. A lemon and garlic marinade is a classic combination that can be made more complex with a bit of honey or a sprinkle of fresh herbs, like rosemary.

Ready-Made Marinade for Grilled Vegetables

Before throwing them on the grill, impart incredible flavor into vegetable skewers or cauliflower steaks with a marinade made with notes of citrus and spice.

The Process of Creating Custom Marinades

Making a mouthwatering custom marinade is easy with the team at Butterball. 

  • Inquire with your ideas: First, send us a message to let us know a little bit about your commercial kitchen. Let us know what your goals are, and we’ll get you in touch with our talented culinary team.
  • Discuss flavor combinations: We have expert food scientists who are excited to sit down and collaborate with you on a custom marinade (or multiple!). 
  • Utilize research & development: With our top-tier development team, we go the extra mile to make your marinade as magnificently mouthwatering as possible.
  • Receive a sample: Once your marinade is made, we will send you a sample to guarantee that the flavor combination and balance are perfect for your purposes.
  • Get ready to impress your customers: After you’ve sent us the seal of approval on your marinade, it’s time to send in the order. We offer bulk quantities, so you’ll never run out of your custom product during a busy season. Whether your customer is dining in a restaurant, at a banquet hall, or in their home, they will excitedly appreciate the nuanced flavor of your custom marinade. 

Order Custom Wholesale Marinades Today

When you order a Butterball custom marinade, you’re ensuring your customers will experience incredible flavors, and your kitchen staff will save valuable preparation time. Contact us today to begin the process of creating mouthwatering marinades for your commercial kitchen.