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Using Premium Tubs of Flavored Butter for Your Restaurant

Whether baking or roasting, grilling or broiling, butter is a savory way to amplify any dish. It is a staple product that is used in all kinds of cuisines because of how butter enhances the flavors around it. Butter can work as a carrier for herbs and spices, ensuring that your dish fully captures the essence of the seasonings you want to stand out. Overall, butter is a must-have ingredient in all restaurants, which is why so many restaurant chains trust Butterball® Farms to craft custom-flavored butters or spreads for their signature menu items.

Restaurants and food service know that having large quantities of compound butter available is an efficient, cost-saving measure that saves on labor and makes it easier for culinary masters to create delectable dishes. Let’s look at how having a tub of butter in your restaurant can benefit your team.

How Can Restaurants Benefit from Flavored Butter Tubs?

Restaurants know: flavored butter is the best butter! Flavored butter tubs offer the best of both worlds: creamy, gourmet butter combined with herbs, spices, citrus, or other flavors you would otherwise have to add separately to your dish. By having a premium tub of butter in your restaurant, you’re cutting down on prep work and reducing waste back-of-house at the same time!

Efficiency & Time Saved on Labor

It’s not easy to make compound butter — it’s a time-consuming, labor-intensive process! Ordering our premium flavored butter tubs means your staff won’t have to take time every week to prep and mix butter. Having a tub of butter in your restaurant means having to order less ingredients (the ingredients are already included in the tub) and will cut down on prep time, clean time, and more, making the entire process more efficient, saving you time and labor.


Mixing butter yourself could leave room for errors in consistency and flavor, which is every kitchen’s nightmare. Eliminate the hassle and secure the decadent flavors you desire with our premium tub of butter in your restaurant! 

When you choose restaurant butter from Butterball Farms, you can rest assured knowing that the tub of flavored butter you choose is going to be smooth, well-blended, and have a craveworthy consistency your customers will love. Our quality control measures ensure that every batch is mixed properly and in accordance with the highest standards for food safety. When all of your butter is made in our central location, it ensures consistency across all of your locations and shifts that you wouldn’t get from mixing it in-house.


Butterball Farms’ culinary experts create delicious flavors from around the world by innovating premium dairy or plant-based flavored butters or spreads. We work closely with our customers to produce flavors that greatly enhance their brand and provide craveworthy, versatile solutions that keep customers coming back.

Our pre-mixed products take the flavors customers love, like lemon or garlic herb, and have them perfectly portioned and ready to add to any dish. You can even create a custom compound butter or spread flavor that will be unique to your restaurant. 


When it comes to storing our restaurant butter, all you need is a small corner in your freezer. Gone are the days of needing to store all of the ingredients and a pile of small butter packages in your refrigerator. It also frees up room in your kitchen workspace because you can just slather your butter or spread straight from the tub. Plus, using our compound butter will also help you cut down on excess packaging waste.

Butterball’s Flavored Butter Tubs for Restaurants

Butterball’s flavored butter tubs are ideal for restaurants looking to save on time and labor, while needing a solution for versatile, craveworthy flavors that customers can’t get anywhere else. Whether you need flavored butter or spreads for your restaurant chain, we have the perfect solution for you!

Why Choose Butterball?

Butterball Farms has been providing delicious, mouthwatering flavored butter for well over sixty years. Our decadent compound butter takes the guesswork out of butter-work, making it easy and efficient to add loads of flavor to your dishes. Restaurants choose us because of our reputation for integrity and the quality of our products. Let us help you get started creating the perfect flavor for your restaurant.

More Restaurant Butter Options

Butterball Farms also offers custom restaurant butter in a variety of options to accommodate all of your flavored butter needs. Whether you need to secure a large tub of butter for your restaurant or you need individual pre-portioned options, we have you covered. Choose from dollops, shaped butter, sauces, and more to satisfy all the senses. 

Shaped Butter

We offer a variety of shaped flavored butter for your restaurant. Choose from butter balls, medallions, and distinctly shaped butter pats. We can create a custom shape specifically for your restaurant or create your logo in butter. We’ve even made golf ball-shaped butter pats — the options are nearly endless.

Butter Sauces

Sometimes the secret is in the sauce! That’s why we offer a premium butter sauce base for restaurants. Our butter sauce was created with restaurant needs in mind, and it brings vibrant flavoring to menu items like pasta, vegetables, and meat dishes. It’s the perfect base for soups, or sauce for wings, mac and cheese, desserts, and more.

Order Restaurant Butter from Butterball

Ready to order restaurant butter from Butterball Farms? Choose from a wide assortment of premium flavored butters, sizes, and products to get the right tub of butter or spread for your restaurant. Reach out for better butter today to get started on creating your own compound butter.