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How Our Catering Butter Portions Can Enhance Your Event

Catering an event isn’t only about the food — the presentation matters just as much to the guest’s overall experience. Having the right finishing touches will not only enhance your meal presentation, but it can also elevate your entire event.

Butter is one of the most widely used food products at catered events because it has the ability to activate the senses and unleash flavors, which is why ordering beautiful, flavorful catering butter is a great idea to help your business.

How Can Our Catering Butter Help Your Business?

Butterball® Farms catering butter is made from farm-fresh cream and has a smooth, delicious, creamy taste. Ready to serve and unbelievably fresh, Butterball Farms butter is ideal for catered events and country club dining. Our catering butter portions allow you to offer delicious, memorable experiences for your guests by offering beautiful, flavorful butter.

Enhanced Presentation

Using the beautifully crafted, individual catering butter shapes of your choosing will elevate your tabletops. Enhance the presentation of your table with appealing catering butter shapes that will wow guests and leave them with a great first impression.

Ease of Use

Our shaped butters can be ready to use as soon as you need them. They are stored frozen and ready to be placed on a plate within minutes. Simply pop them out of the tray or bag and arrange them on your perfectly prepared tabletop.

Meanwhile, our balls of butter are the ideal portion size for your back-of-house staff. Chefs love to use them for sauces, gravies, and other applications because they can rely on the freshness and premium quality of our butter.

Butterball shaped butters can improve the presentation of steak dinners

Choose the Right Catering Butter for Your Needs

Butterball Farms offers a vast selection of catering butter for the table or the back-of-house, so rest assured that we can help you select the right catering butter for your needs. Stock up on butter tubs and butter packs for catering that you’ll need for next month’s events, or order the distinct butter shapes for a special event. No matter what your specific needs are, our catering butter offers the taste and flavor your guests deserve with an upscale appearance that enhances your event. 


Butterball Butter Premium Balls® add tabletop elegance and velvety smooth sophistication, bringing your event from good to great. This catering butter is perfect for any upscale event, providing the unmistakably delicious and craveworthy butter flavor from Butterball Farms along with its unique shape that will have guests clamoring to find out, “Who catered this delicious event?!”


Details matter! Add a little artistry to your catered event with our catering butter portions shaped like rosesmedallions, or any other shape to fit your event. Get individual butter portions in all shapes, sizes, or variations. These are perfect to add an upscale touch to your next event, making sure every detail is perfect.

Butter Sauces

Our butter sauces are made for caterers like you! Especially for those tasked with high-volume orders, our butter sauces offer you a speed-scratch way to make soups and sauces without having to waste precious time or ingredients that could separate or sour before use. Increase efficiency and your profit margins by using our delectable butter sauces.

Order Butter Packs for Catering Today

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