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High-Quality Butter for Your Food Service Needs

We supply food service distributors with premium butter products, from sauces, to dollops, to tubs, to custom butter flavors and custom butter logos.

Food Service Butter

When it comes to butter, there is no one better than Butterball® Farms. With a BRC-AA rating, over 60 years of experience and a network of distributors available for ease of ordering, Butterball Farms is the perfect choice for food service. Offering both salted and unsalted butter options in a variety of formats, designs and packaging, as well as the ability to order flavored butter or build your own custom flavor – we have the unique solution  to feed your needs. 

Better Your Butter’s Quality with Butterball Farms

Give Your Customers Better Butter

The term “buttery” is up by 6.3%, and “buttered” is up by 12.6% on US menus since 2017. There is a reason for this: butter makes everything better! If you are going to serve butter, why not serve premium, quality butter that enhances your brand and adds incredible flavor your dishes?

Well-crafted butter products can serve restaurants, retail outlets, consumer packaged goods (CPG) distributors, caterers, and event companies. Our individually portioned butters can be stored frozen, which frees up refrigerator space and helps with ease of serving. Our butter tubs help speed up the process of cooking, and our plant-based butter can help expand your customer base. 

Let’s not forget flavors! We can work with you to create a flavor profile that delivers on your brand promise and that consumers can’t find anywhere else, or you can select from one of our already available flavors.

Butter for Every Food Service Industry

Catering Butter

Professional caterers use butter to make events of all kinds as tasty as can be. Caterers will find value in products such as:

  • Individual butter portionsFor buffet lines or bread baskets, individual butter portions are ideal. Looking to have them individually wrapped? Individually wrapped butters available with volume threshold and availability to print your logo or allergens on the wrapper.
  • Butter saucesOur Quik-Creations® Butter Sauce Bases make creating delicious, flavorful sauces incredibly easy. Caterers can add their favorite flavorings to our pre-made base for a high-quality product that cuts back on prep time.  
  • Custom butter logosThe details make all the difference, and custom embossed logo butter is a tasty way to impress guests. There is no better way to advertise catering services than a logo stamped into creamy, high-quality butter!

Restaurant Butter

Restaurants can use our products in a large variety of ways. Explore our:

  • Butterball® Butter Premium Balls®Our butter balls offer a unique variation on your typical buttery spread. These textured butter balls have a smooth, creamy texture and mouthwatering buttery taste, perfect for spreading onto fresh bread. The perfect portion size makes them a favorite for use in the kitchen, too. Chefs use them in sauces, gravies, and other applications because they rely on the freshness and premium quality.
  • Butter roses: Portion-controlled and ready-to-serve, roses & rosettes are simple to plate and store. Distributed in a Pop-Out® tray, they are perfect for high-volume operations and add elegance to your well-dressed table. 
  • Shaped butter medallionsOur elegant butter medallions are ideal for tableside service. These medallions come in both salted and unsalted varieties.
  • Flavored butter dollopsOur butter dollops are ideal for food prep in restaurants. You have enough on your plate, and butter dollops save you the time of mixing butter with ingredients—let us do it for you! With a wide array of flavors, you can find sweet, salty, savory, and spicy butter. We also offer a create your own custom butter service, so customers can get a truly personalized experience. 
  • Butter saucesOur Quik-Creations® Butter Sauce Bases make creating delectable, creamy butter-based sauces a breeze. The options are endless, but the time restaurant staff will save is priceless!
  • Butter tubsButter tubs make adding more flavor to dishes quick and easy. With no individual packing to mess with, chefs can simply scoop any amount of butter needed.
  • Plant-based butter: More and more restaurants are offering plant-based options to expand their clientele. Plant-based butter offers that creamy, delicious flavor everyone craves, minus the dairy.

Butter for Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG)

CPGs rely on butter to make their products cravable and full of flavor. CPGs companies can utilize several of our butter products, including:

  • Private label butterWe offer control branded and private label butter products, ensuring a CPGs brand is as strong as it is tasty. We make product for some of the top CPG brands and retailers today—let us make yours, too!
  • Custom flavored butter dollopsWith Butterball Farms, premium, custom flavors have never been easier to create. CPGs are always adding new options to keep their customers enticed, and our flavored butters are an effective way to add bold flavors that elevate proteins, vegetables, pastas, and more. They are also an easy way for the end user to complete a dish full of flavor!
  • Individual butter portions: Our individual butter portions save on mixtime and labor. We also offer individually packaged butter portions. By individually packaging butter in CPGs, brands can provide customers the chance to use the right amount of butter proportionate to their meal kit.

Butter for Retail Outlets

Retail outlets can impress their guests with a wide range of truly tasty butter products, including:

  • Flavored butter dollops: There is nothing better than flavored butter. By offering tasty butter mounds like chile lime cilantrospicy soy gingerbrown butter with sage, or bacon pepper jack, grocers can pack powerful flavors into meal kits or deli offerings prepared in store, or they can place them next to the butcher and recommend them as a pairing with fresh meat and produce.
  • Private label butterLooking to create your own butter and put it on your shelves? You can put your brand name on the high-quality butter of Butterball Farms.

Butter for the Travel Industry

As we all know, butter truly does make everything better. Airlines, hotels, and cruise ships can impress their guests with delicious butter flavor through our products, including:

  • Custom butter logos: Airlines, hotels, and cruise ships can surprise and delight their guests with the delectable, detailed touch of custom butter logos. Enhance your brand awareness by putting it in butter.
  • Individual butter portions: For room service, buffets, or tableside service, individual butter portions are an easy way to provide just the right amount of butter, from butter balls to roses to medallions, in bulk or individually wrapped packets.  Our individually wrapped packets can also be printed with warnings for any relevant allergens, such as dairy.
  • Flavored butter dollops: Speed up on prep time and save on storage space by using flavored butter dollops in your recipes.
  • Butter spreads: Our knowledge of cuisine can help you provide those in the travel industry with perfectly paired butter for all kinds of meals.

Butter for Residential Life

Colleges, universities, and senior living centers can make their dishes even better with our products, including:

  • Custom logo butter: Add some extra school spirit or residential pride by embossing your logo onto a creamy pat of butter.
  • Individual butter portions: These individual portions pack a premium butter flavor that make bread, bagels, muffins, and more taste even better. Choose our pre-packaged butter pats to make distribution a breeze.
  • Butter medallions: Simple and elegant, our butter medallions offer a classic look and incredible taste that all in your dining hall will appreciate. These medallions come in both salted and unsalted varieties.
  • Flavored butter dollops: Everyone from college students to the elderly appreciate incredible flavor. Our flavored butter dollops provide just that, and make large-quantity cooking easy by saving on storage and prep time.

Custom Butter Flavor or Shape

Looking for a customized flavor or design? With the help of our incredible culinary team, we can work with you to develop a product that is completely unique to your brand and delivers on taste. View our flavored butter guide for ideas or click here to create a custom butter today.

Better Your Butter’s Quality with Butterball Farms

From restaurants and hospitality to consumer packaged goods, some of the world’s most successful brands rely on Butterball Farms to create custom butter flavors and shapes that increase sales and enhance guest experience. Ready to experience what makes our butter better? Send us a message today to learn more and find a distributor near you.

Looking for another flavor?

We can create a custom flavor profile just for you!