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How to Upscale Your Meals Instantly

A recent survey by Foodservice Director of senior living and healthcare operators found that 84% of them are short-staffed. That’s why seemingly minor changes to the items on the plate that can be done easily and with no impact on the demands of your staff is key. One easy way to do so is by switching from your ordinary pats of butter to Butterball® Butter Premium Balls®.

“Often times, it’s a simple thing that you can do that gains the most recognition of your attention to detail,” says Bonnie Beard, Director of Marketing for Butterball Farms. “That is what fine dining restaurants found when they replaced their ordinary butter with our butter balls. It can have the same impact on senior living and healthcare operators.”

And Butterball Farms found like-minded operators when the company began offering their uniquely and beautifully shaped butters to this important segment within the foodservice industry.

Beyond the obvious upscaling of what is considered an ordinary part of a meal, these Premium Balls eliminate the fumbling and mess of opening pre-wrapped butter pats by sometimes arthritic fingers. Made from only farm-fresh cream, these Premium Balls have a smooth, creamy texture and a pleasing butter taste that is easy to spread across breakfast pastries, pancakes, or waffles and on breads or vegetables during any meal.

Premium Balls make an instant and positive impression no matter their application.
Premium Balls make an instant and positive impression no matter their application.

The Premium Balls add to a memorable dining experience when used at cooking stations at breakfast or other occasions and are an easy conversation starter for your residents. Imagine building omelets or scrambled eggs or offering Premium Balls at pancake or waffle stations. Each Premium Ball equals a quarter of an ounce so drop in four, and you have an ounce of delicious butter melting in moments, saving time and labor compared to measuring butter while cooking.

With the holiday season just around the corner, let Butterball® Farms help you create a memorable dining experience for your residents. One way to elevate these experiences is by

utilizing the art of food presentation to convey your meticulous care, uplifting the spirits of your residents and expressing your heartfelt gratitude during this festive season. The holidays are a unique occasion for residents to welcome family and friends to their dining experience. Craft an exquisite table arrangement adorned with sculpted butter creations, instilling a sense of pride in your residents and leaving their guests awe inspired. This will create a memorable impression, crafting heartwarming memories that will be treasured for years to come.

Shaped butters will leave a lasting impression for customers this holiday season.
Shaped butters will leave a lasting impression for customers this holiday season.

Delivered frozen, they thaw out in minutes and then are ready-to-serve. Butterball Farms Premium Balls are packaged in a resealable, gusseted, three-pound bag making them easy to pour and store.

Butterball Farms Premium Balls are available via DOT Foods, or locate your local distributor. If you would like to sample some Premium Balls, Butterball Farms is happy to provide them to you. Request your free samples now. (UTM)

Looking for other premium butter shapes? Check out their Butter Rose & Rosettes or Butter Medallions. Also included in your free sample and available at your local distributor.