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Selling Packaged Seafood in a Recession-Proof Market

No product is completely recession-proof, but during the last great recession, seafood came close. That kind of security can be a blessing and a curse, especially when trying to distinguish your brand. So how do you make your product stand out for a consumer looking for both quality and value? Check out a few tips and ideas below.

A Taste of the Familiar

Was there ever a more natural pair than fish and butter? We don’t think so. A flakey cod with a creamy lemon butter sauce, crusted tilapia cooked in a garlic butter base, a nice salmon baked with a dollop of butter on top; tell me your mouth isn’t watering! These familiar and delicious flavors are even more appealing when pinching pennies. So, instead of selling a plain fish filet and making consumers do the work of flavoring, consider adding a dollop of flavored butter to your product. It won’t just improve the taste, it will improve the marketability.

Tasty and On Trend

They say that if it isn’t broken, you shouldn’t fix it, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t spice things up a little now and then. Adding new flavors to your product lets customers know that your brand is alive, well, and keeping up with the times. Trying out new, on-trend flavors also gives you the opportunity to see what your customers want. It shows that you’re constantly looking for ways to improve your product and their dining experience.

Culinary Convenience

Of course, when it comes to a truly perfect dining experience, absolutely nothing beats convenience. The fewer pots, pans, and planning required, the better. Packing in the flavor gives consumers one less decision to make and gives them a break from the prep work they would normally have to perform. Marketing your products as “ready-to-eat” and actually delivering on that promise by providing a delicious seafood product that needs no extra butter, citrus, or salt, is something that will keep buyers coming back for more.

Create the Perfect Pair with Butterball® Farms

We’ve talked a lot about packing your products with delicious flavors instead of leaving that burden on your consumers, but how can you actually create a delicious new product? Partner with Butterball® Farms. We offer a variety of flavored butter dollops that can be easily paired with your seafood products to give them an incredible taste that buyers will notice. We can even help you create a custom butter flavor that is entirely unique to your brand! Don’t miss this opportunity to differentiate your seafood CPG products; reach out to us now!