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Use Pre-Made Compound Butter in These Dishes

Compound butter is having a lasting moment on the food scene, and rightly so. After all, it complements practically every dish with which it’s paired, making it a key player on your menu in everything from mashed potatoes to surf and turf dishes.

However, you don’t have to sacrifice your team’s time and labor to have compound butter available in bulk for your customers. Explore these uses for compound butter that are ready to use and available with pre-made flavors.

Why Use Pre-Made Compound Butter?

At fine dining restaurants, counter-serve chains, and food manufacturing services alike, using compound butter helps your menu and products stand out. 

However, labor shortages and employee turnover are constant issues in all industrial kitchens—making it harder for your staff to set aside time to prepare compound butter from scratch each week. Pre-made compound butter leaves your staff with one less thing to worry about before production or meal service starts, saving them time, and reducing the amount of labor required while having minimal change to your team’s process.

Uses for Compound Butter

As with regular butter, compound butter can make every menu item taste premium. Whether you have special herb butter for your biscuits or bread service, or as an accompaniment or topping for your pasta and entree dishes, there are nearly endless ways compound butter can be your kitchen’s secret weapon.

These are some of our favorite ways to use our restaurant supply butter, across dozens of flavor options.

Finishing Butter for Steaks

For restaurants, catering services, and meal kit companies, using compound butter for steaks is a no-brainer. Not only does it add even more richness to every cut of steak and perfectly complements every premium sandwich or hamburger, but it also accentuates the flavors of the beef itself and makes it easier to upscale the product.

Some of our most popular compound butter flavors with steak include:

If you’re trying to decide whether or where to buy compound butter for steak at your restaurant, Butterball® Farms offers a range of ready-to-use flavor options. Not only do these elevate your signature steak dishes, but they also save your team time during the busy lunch and dinner rush.

Dipping Butter for Seafood

Drawn compound butter for seafood can take your big-ticket seafood items to a luxurious new level that will have your customers ordering more. Whether you’re offering dipping butter for lobster or shrimp or you want a tangy plating option for your wild-caught halibut, flavored butter is the way to go.

That’s not where the options end for your seafood recipes, either—some of our compound butters take seafood boils, entrees, or pasta to new heights when added right before plating, infusing the flavors throughout the starch and the fish itself.

Our most popular types of compound butter for seafood include:

When it comes to compound butter for seafood, we can also develop even more custom flavor combinations. Whether you want to develop basil and chive butter for your cod dishes or have an out-there idea involving ginger and garlic, we can help you create that flavored butter wholesale for your restaurant, country club, hotel kitchen, or meal kit service.

Compound Butter for Pork

Tenderloin and other fine cuts of pork pair beautifully with sweet and savory sauces and butters. That’s where compound butter for pork comes into play.

While garlic compound butter is a standard bearer for practically any meat or protein, pork pairs beautifully with sweet and savory flavor profiles as well. Our Apple Herb butter dollops are a prime example—the apple butter, shallots, and thyme form a symphony that enhances the flavor of the pork without creating competing notes.

Even more, there are opportunities to explore proprietary flavor options that make your pork-based meal kits and packaged goods stand out. Our custom flavor development services allow you to make your own proprietary flavor that your customers won’t find anywhere else.

Herb Butter Toppings for Vegetables

Even if your guests purchased an economy experience with your cruise or airline, having compound herb butter toppings for your potatoes and other vegetables can make your meal service feel like first class.

Compound butter can work with multiple types of vegetables and combinations. Whether you’re working with a winter medley or serving up fresh green beans, carrots, and mashed potatoes, these are just a few of the flavors we offer:

Compound butter flavors are an ideal choice, whether you want to offer a vegetarian-friendly option, or you want your customers to feel like even your side dishes are a decadent feast.

How Ready-Made Compound Butter Elevates Your Business

Ready-made compound butter provides a premium flavor experience for practically every dish. But there are also ways that it can support your business and save you time and money, ultimately increasing your restaurant or service’s profit margins.

Saves Time and Labor Costs

flavored butter showdown inforgraphic

As most chefs or line cooks can attest, preparing any type of compound butter from scratch can take hours—nine on average, depending on the size of your business. Cleanup also takes hours, and the entire process requires at least four people to take time out of their shifts to prepare it.

Using pre-made compound restaurant supply butter takes those hours out of the equation. Our wholesale flavored butter medallions and tubs come pre-made and pre-packaged. Because of this, your team can simply take the butter out of its packaging and start using it in a matter of minutes—instead of hours.

In turn, using ready-made butter in bulk can also save your business on the labor costs involved in having your staff stay late or come in early to prepare for the next meal service, or take hours to clean up after closing time. All of this can help your bottom line, making your service more profitable.

Adds a “Wow” Factor to Your Signature Dishes

Even with a dry-rubbing and aging technique to rival the finest chefs in the world, sometimes a steak is just a steak, especially if it doesn’t have a topping or sauce to go with it. However, the right compound butter makes it a flavor experience your customers will never forget.

This benefit doesn’t only apply to steaks, either. Chicken, shellfish, pasta, and every dish in between can benefit from compound butter. It adds depth to the flavor profile and counterbalances more acidic flavors while making every meal feel and taste like a premium experience.

Adding pre-made compound butter to your recipe rotation gives your whole menu that extra “je ne sais quoi” that will keep your customers intrigued and keep them coming back regularly.

Commands a Higher Price Point

When you use higher-quality ingredients in your recipes, it’s something your customers can taste. In turn, your guests and customers will be willing to pay more for a premium dining experience. 

By purchasing flavored butter wholesale, you make quality a more noticeable part of the equation—without sacrificing convenience or your staff’s time. That way, your diners will be willing to spend more money on your food and get a better experience, without you having to pay more for labor costs to get the same premium quality.

Make Your Menu Memorable with Butterball® Farms

At Butterball Farms, we specialize in creating wholesale butter in a variety of flavors for restaurants and other businesses in food service. Whether you’re interested in one of our ready-made flavored butters or you want to experiment with a new custom flavor option, we’ll be happy to help. Contact us about your new flavor idea to make your menu craveworthy.